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The name Amorite in the Bible

According to Genesis 10:16, the Amorites are descendants of Canaan, a son of Ham, a son of Noah.

The Amorites are mentioned in all kinds of very early, non-Biblical material. Their origins are unclear and we also don't know in what language the name Amorite was first pronounced. And that makes it impossible to guess what it may have meant to the original name-giver.

Etymology of the name Amorite

Although the Bible doesn't mention it, we may readily assume that the name Amorite comes from the name Amor (which of course has nothing to do with the Latin word amor, meaning love). In Hebrew the latter is identical to the verb אמר ('amar), meaning to speak or say:

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Amorite meaning

If the Amorites had played a part in a Latin text, the audience would have probably understood them to be The Lover Boys. To a Hebrew audience, however, the Amorites are the Talkers.

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