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The name Asahel in the Bible

The name Asahel is assigned four times in the Bible:

  • Best known is Asahel the son of Zeruiah, the sister of David. The brothers of this Asahel are Joab and Abishai.
  • Then there are two Levite Asahels mentioned (2 Chronicles 17:8 and 31:13).
  • And, finally, the father of a man named Jonathan who opposed Ezra's policies (Ezra 10:15).

Etymology of the name Asahel

The name Asahel consists of two elements. The first element comes from the very common Hebrew verb עשה ('asa), meaning to do, fashion, accomplish:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

The second element of the name Asahel is אל (El), either the prominent Canaanite deity whose name became applied to the God of Israel, or the common abbreviation of Elohim, the genus God:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

Asahel meaning

The name Asahel means Made By God (or Made Of God as Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names has it), and is the exact reverse of the name Eleasah, God Has Made.

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