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— Cookie contemplations —

🔼What Are Cookies?

Like most serious websites, our website uses cookies, and European Law demands that we tell you all about that. What we think of this law we will discuss below. First let's discuss cookies in general and then the specific ones that the website of Abarim Publications deploys.

Cookies are tiny files that are downloaded onto your computer. This sounds scary but in fact all websites you visit get downloaded onto your computer. That's how you can see them. And many elements of the websites you visit remain saved on your computer even after you leave the site (for more on this, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_cache). Cookies, however, are tiny files that specifically gather information about users and pass this on to their publishers. That is of course something every user needs to know about and either consent to or else prevent from happening.

For more general information on cookies see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie

🔼Disabling Cookies

You can prevent the setting of cookies by simply adjusting the settings on your browser. How to do this varies per browser so please do a web search for "how to turn off cookies" plus the name of your browser (i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera).

The downside of turning off cookies is that most websites will stop working for you. Cookies are part of the normal functionality of the Internet and disabling cookies will negatively affect the proper working of many of the websites you visit. In subsequence, many web analysts report that less than 1% of Internet users turn off the cookie functionality of their browsers (and, as the joke goes, many of those end up at computer help centers wondering why the Internet has stopped working for them).

In other words: it's important that you know that the Internet works by automatically and anonymously gathering information about the behavior of users, and although you have the perfect right to withdraw yourself from being measured, you will also withdraw yourself from experiencing much of what the Internet has to offer.

🔼How We Use Cookies

We use cookies for a variety of reasons detailed below.

🔼The Cookies We Set

Here at Abarim Publications we don't set cookies ourselves but we do set so-called Session Storage. This Session Storage allows data to be preserved when the user goes from one page of our site to the next. More specifically: when a user clicks on a word on a page of our Interlinear Bible, the user will go to this word's dictionary page, and there will appear the Bible verse the user just clicked on. That's done with Session Storage and the data so stored is stored by the user's browser on the user's computer and is automatically deleted as soon as the user leaves the browser window.

For more on Session Storage see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_storage.

🔼Third Party Cookies

Our site hosts a small number of industry-standard and widely used mainstream third party cookies from globally recognized companies:

1a) Our site uses Google Analytics which is one of the most widespread and trusted analytics programs on the Internet. Google Analytics helps webmasters understand how users use their sites and helps to improve user experience. These cookies track things such as how long you spend on the site, the pages that you visit, which page you came in on and from which page you leave. It also tracks which country you are in, which language that relates to, which browser you use, and so on.

1b) Our site also uses Google AdSense, which serves advertising using a so-called DoubleClick cookie to serve more relevant ads across the web and limit the number of times that a given ad is shown to you.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies and Google AdSense, see the official Google Privacy page: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/; the Google Analytics site: https://analytics.google.com, or the Google AdSense site: https://www.google.com/adsense.

2) AddThis is among the Internet's most wide spread social sharing tools. It is owned and operated by Clearspring Technologies. It stores your internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, browser language, the date and time you visited the web page, and if you came to a web page where an AddThis Button is enabled via a search-engine such as Google, the web search that landed you on that web page.

The AddThis servers also collect information on how often you share content with others using the AddThis platform. In particular, AddThis logs the share options and the subsequent numbers of clicks a shared link gets. The information collected in this way is anonymous and aggregated. AddThis is partnered with MediaMath.

For more information on AddThis, see the official AddThis privacy page: https://www.addthis.com/privacy . For more on MediaMath, see https://open.mediamath.com/partners/addthis.

3) The cookie warning that we flash on all our pages also makes use of a cookie. This cookie warning was created by Silktide and comes endorsed by Google. For more information, see https://cookieconsent.insites.com or https://silktide.com/privacy-policy/

🔼More Information

If you need more information or have further concerns, please feel free to contact us via the links provided below. This concludes our official cookie policy.

- Editorial notes on the European Cookie Law -

🔼In defense of the European Cookie Law

loving memory cookies

Cookies are to browsing what taste is to eating. The entire natural world works on data retention and cookies are simply part of how the whole thing works. Nearly all websites make use of cookies in some form or other. It's how websites talk with each other, or even how information (such as login data or preference settings) is preserved when you go from one page to the next within the same website.

You will have noticed that we run ads on our pages — sadly, even theologians have bills to pay — and those ads often appear to cater directly to your interests. That's done by means of cookies, and the result is not that you will buy more stuff (because you can only spend your salary once), but only that you'll be exposed to far less irrelevant advertising. That in turn means that companies can spend less on advertising, and even make their ads more specific (their viewers are pre-selected and thus much better informed and thus far less impressed with nonsensical advertising ploys).

EU Cookie Law

Cookies basically mean the end of road sides so cluttered with billboards that you can't see traffic signs anymore. Advertising is evolving from trying to shove unwanted stuff down your throat to offering you broader views and alternatives to your interests. Don't want that? Then turn it off. Even that is your own call.

Abarim Publications receives most of its visitors from the US and Canada and our site is hosted in the US. And although we love hanging out in or near Europe, we are not in any way registered within the borders of the European Union and neither do we specifically target a European audience. So technically we wouldn't have to comply with European Law, but for the EU cookie law we'll gladly make an exception:

🔼Why are we so ecstatic about the EU cookie law?

The majority of our fellow web developers are sorely disgruntled about European legislators forcing them to flash cookie-warnings on their sites, but this mostly because we all simply hate being told what to do. Here at Abarim Publications we grudgingly comply with human governments (and solely to avoid arrest and other noisy repercussions), but we consider ourselves legal subject to God's natural law only. This means we consider ourselves wholly free and thus wholly responsible for our own lives and actions.

smoking kills

However, we also believe that most of our world's troubles are either caused or perpetuated by people who deliberately keep other people in the dark about what's going on. We understand that we can never enlighten everybody but all that is needed is a critical mass of folks who are aware, and suspend their support to crooked companies by simply not buying there anymore.

Companies and governments will always home in on the greatest results, which means that we the people are running them rather than the other way around. Companies are like paths in a forest: the more folks that make use of them, the wider the path gets. And a really wide path that has been abandoned will quickly revert back to wilderness.

and the books were opened

For decades cigarette manufacturers were able to dupe the public into believing that cigarettes were good for a person. That era ended when a few whistle blowers ignited general indignation and legislators began to demand that cigarette makers printed warnings on their products. The simple revelation that SMOKING KILLS has since improved the quality of life of countless millions of people. A simple compulsory list of ingredients likewise discourages food manufacturers from dousing their products with sugars and empty carbs, which in turn leads to healthier and happier consumers.

Telling the world that THE INTERNET USES COOKIES will probably not directly result in measurable improvements, but it does obviously and ostentatiously align European legislation with anti-tyranny heroes like Aaron Swartz, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

The message is as simple as urgent: We the people demand from governments transparency about the level of their interference and from industries information about the effects of their manufacturing processes and ultimately of their products.

Here at Abarim Publications we understand the EU cookie law to be part of a desperately needed campaign that promotes a natural reorganization of our global market: once founded on people's ignorance and allowed to ransack the planet, now reshaped by people's informed decisions and sense of stewardship.

Hence we eagerly look forward to legislation that makes variations of the following statements compulsory:

laptop pad phone

This device is equipped with a camera and a microphone that can easily be remotely activated without your knowledge or consent. With this device you are essentially bugging your own house or office.

Also note that everything you send, whether via WiFi or cable, is intercepted, analyzed and stored eternally by several different governments and private organizations.


Enjoy your hamburger but please understand that our restaurant's famous world-wide standard brings about a diminished bio-diversity of mankind's food staple, which in turn makes it vulnerable to wholesale collapse.

For more information, please do an Internet search for "1840's potato blight".

car logos

All cars in our showroom are much too powerful.

Although most modern cars have been designed to operate at speeds that far exceed all known legal speed limits, they will spend most of their lives either parked, idling or slowly rolling down city streets. You can do that in a golf cart.

You the aspiring owner of one of our cars will have to pay fuel, maintenance and road tax as if you were daily hauling freight between countries.

Our cars were designed to make you look tough, but frankly, paying for power that you don't need makes you look rather silly.

medical costs

Before you embark on your journey of endless convalescence, please understand that the medical industry is not designed to make people better, but to make people money.

cruise ship pollution

Welcome to your cruise through one of our world's last remaining nature reserves.

Despite our company's Zero Overboard Policy (ZOP), our ship's exhaust gasses represent a burden to the environment that is approximately equal to four lanes of heavily congested traffic stretching for ten kilometers (six miles).

By purchasing your ticket, you willingly partake in this ecological assault.


This branch of our multi-national store competes unfairly with your local economy. By buying our products you help to end the identity, creativity and autonomy of your native culture.

Your children will not be autonomous artists but will be forced to work for us as uniformed check-out clerks.


Although our products were made in the third world, we have made sure that everybody involved was paid a decent wage relative to the country's economy, was at least eighteen years old, had access to affordable and nutritious food, adequate shelter, medical care and legal aid, worked a maximum of ten hours per day, had at least one day per week off, as well as the freedom to protest, join a union or even resign.

Please see our website for the details, records and photos of our overseas facilities.


Despite what Hollywood suggests, the overwhelming majority of gun owners (including police people) never shoot another person.

Killing a human being is such a devastating deed that the overwhelming majority of murderers only do it once, and commonly develop severe psychological problems afterwards.

world peace

Despite what you see on TV, the world is mostly at peace. Most people never get involved in a premeditated act of aggression. Most people are kind and just and take care of each other.

We only show you the world's grime in order to scare you into buying the products we advertise by means of contrasting utopian imagery.

vote per purchase

By buying our products you endorse our policies and consent with our methods.

To see what you are really paying for, please visit our company's Wikipedia page and look under "policies, methods and associated brands".


Your government is not over you but under you. It provides a fundament to stand on, not a yoke to be coerced by.

Please partake in the great discussion on what mankind is and where life might go. And then let's go there.