A Brief History of the End of Time—The love of Money and the Root of All Evil

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A Brief History of the End of Time

— 12. The love of Money and the Root of All Evil —

🔼The love of money

It is stated that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10), and this is usually explained to be about a person's lust for cash. But perhaps it also means something else.

Regard the effect of general love towards one's fellow man. Love brings people together, and generates interest in and concern for others, and ultimately brings about a thriving community where all are shiny and happy and fully incorporated. But if people are brought together and become interested in each other solely through economic motivations, the result is a robotic and causal pseudo-community in which a human life is worth as much as he produces, preferably on an assembly line and preferably without talking or coffee breaks.

Yet money itself is not a bad thing. Solomon was very wealthy, and so was Abraham. In fact, while we're on the road towards being a mature socio-organism, a monetary economy is an excellent scaffold. Money should be like a set of those little wheels that you tie to a child's bike when she's learning to ride one. They can come off when the child finds her balance, but they better not before she does.

On the other hand, those aid-wheels should be deliberately clumsy and the child should not come to regard them as her bike's primary fundament.

Just as it was impossible for Jesus to conduct His ministry without the money that was supplied to His group through Judas by friendly female fans, scientific research has become impossible without corporate funding.

🔼The love of corporate funding

In our day and age laboratories are multi-million dollar companies with particle accelerators, electron microscopes and other high-tech equipment that has to be duly paid for when used. But the quest for Truth for the betterment of all mankind has been replaced with a crusade for grants and patents. Commercial objectives determine what scientists investigate and how their findings are utilized. And on top of that, enough money can cause a flat square to be a legal sphere.

People from risk groups are refused health insurance, and consequently treatment. In Africa entire tribes die, not because there is no cure for their ailment but because no pharmaceutical company wants to make their medicine, and instead of teaching people how to live they sell them primitive pharmaceuticals. Money, after all, is made from sick people, not from healthy people.

Humanity has possessed clean alternatives for fossil fuels and insight in the battle against cancer for decades but because of their relative inexpensiveness their release would have disastrous consequences for our economy. Global health and honest distribution of means requires that the westerners take a step back. And even if we'd want it, we wouldn't know how.

Research facilities have been dragged into the vortex of commercialism. Tools, instruments, production plants are made by commercial manufacturers. Companies that transport the pills and sell them in their stores are commercial. And thank God for that! It's better to have commercially produced medication and watch Africans die on TV because they don't, than to have a whole world devoid of the good stuff. The way our world works, from the political arena to personal thought, has been directed to believe in commerce. We would not even know what else to do than to kneel to the image capitalism has raised for herself.


The office that Judas kept among the stem cells of the body of Christ was necessary and foretold, even up to the corruptive act he would be remembered by. He engaged the Sanhedrin to identify Christ for the same amount of money by which, according to the Law of Moses, a slave owner had to be reimbursed after a bull had lethally gored his male slave.

Judas had obviously paid attention at the reading of the Scroll of Zechariah because he meticulously fulfilled his prophecies. The enigmatic nature of his remorse can therefore not lie in his identifying Christ, since that was a key to the salvation of mankind, but in the way this happened. A person would become a slave in his own nation if he had worked himself into debt. Slavery was a way to pay back this debt, but Jesus was innocent and selling Him for the price of a slave was betraying innocent blood. Jesus had no guilt and enslaving Him to service commerce was utterly unjust. When he realized that horrible and inescapable clause of his mission, Judas brought the thirty silver pieces he had obtained back to the temple and with it a field was bought that was called Potter's Field.

The Hebrew word usually translated with potter means literally clay-handler, and comes from the word for clay, which also covers bitumen. The word for pitch such as used to seal Noah's ark and the little basket Moses was placed into as a child, is identical to the word for atone such as used to describe the cover of the Ark of the Covenant and in phrases such as Yom Kippur.

Judas proceeded to kill himself in such a way that Matthew speaks of hanging, while Doctor Luke in the Book of Acts adds the gory observation that Judas unleashed such violence upon himself that he burst open like a piñata and his guts came out.

Judas' corruption concurs with the conspiracy of subsidized scientific endeavor with our inflated legal system in subjection to neo-Roman capitalism. We may expect that in the near future science suddenly realizes what it has been dealing with. We may expect fierce remorse not for identifying Truth but for enslaving Him in the household of Mammon even to the degree that the scientific core of corporate capitalism completely disintegrates.