Jesus Zygote—Jesus Human

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3. Jesus Zygote

— Step by Step down the Time Line —

The succession of great empires from Assyria to Rome and collectively called Babylon after one of them:

The female Human Being growing up and becoming an adult with a somewhat balanced physical and mental status quo.


A gamete of the Human Being. Long present before His birth, Jesus was promised to Abraham for all families of the earth. Immediately after the initiation of the sub-leaders (Exodus 18) the Ten Words are received. These will remain the central software to run the people. All other words in Scriptures are in orbit around the Ten Words, including the Book of Genesis.

Jesus' ministry while, from a human perspective, still just another Jew:

Hormonal signals (estrogen & progesterone) from the ovary (the ovum is still just another cell of the maternal unit), which so much throws the entire maternal unit in conniptions that it calls out for its exorcization. Initially the hormonal system runs amok (luteinizing hormone, or the religious Pharisee cast derived from the words of Moses). Later the whole Pax Roman administration directs itself to expel the trouble-making cell. Special receptor proteins on the outer membrane of the ovarian cells respond to the high levels of hormones and cause the follicle to rupture (Judas).

The Crucifixion:

Equals ovulation, since in the Fallopian Tube the ovum is severed from and outside of the body as it needs not cross a membrane to reach the 'place of waste' and is technically dead.


Conception, and the ovum is not only brought back to life, it also becomes an existential equivalent of the maternal unit: the one cell of the woman becomes another human being; the one Individual of Mankind becomes another Mankind, a people.

Acts 2:

The reinstitution of the expelled ovum zygote embryo into the maternal economy. The disciples that become the embryonic Body of Christ were initially part of the mother. It is the Holy Spirit (= Jesus) who gives the resurrected ovum its personhood.

Composition of the literary corpus known as the New Testament:

The fetus beginning to produce hormones and internal communications of its own.

Collapse of Pax Romana:

The pregnant woman losing her physical and emotional stability.

Breach between the recognized Church (= liturgic, scientific and legal appreciation of Truth) and a nameless band of spiritual rebels that claim Christ beyond rituals and politics but feed off the Church for material and format:

The embryo breaching into placenta and fetus, both formed after the same genetic design. These rebels are those who would give up their life rather than abandon their faith. To them faith is not a religion but a silent appreciation of reality; not a choice but a condition. The world has not named these rebels since the child's body cells are utterly foreign to the maternal economy. The world has never been pregnant before, nor has she ever encountered another pregnant woman. But Scriptures calls this fruit of the womb 'Ecclesia,' or 'those who were called to come out.' The only way someone can know what goes on in Ecclesia's fetal body, is to cross her event horizon and become part of it. When that happens the link with the world is severed, and although some processes that keep Ecclesia going are identical to those that keep Babylon going, it takes the death of a person to the world to become part of Ecclesia.

Emperor Constantine:

The woman noticing her pregnancy and accepting her condition. The world, however, does not understand the profound situation she is in, nor does she know that Ecclesia exists, or why she is subjected to deep changes. All the world knows is the placenta, since both mother and child occupy this mutual organ with their bloodstreams. The world recognizes the Church (governmental structures, monetary cycles, demagogic qualities, etc.) but is unaware of her purpose. Initially the Church is much larger than the embryo and takes over the role of the corpus luteum, which is the spreading of the gospel of Christ (progesterone). This message however consists of codes of conduct and social awareness, not of the core-felt kinship with the Father that exceeds the realm of emotions or conscious self-discipline.

Development of orders and denominations:

The development of various organs of the fetus.


Reconfiguration and rudimentary specification of the fetal brain.


The maternal mammary glands beginning to gear up for production and storage of milk.

Emergence of global awareness; global wars from 1812 until now:

Total physical discomfort & birth pangs. Note that geographic locations do not coincide with anatomic locations of Mother Man. Anatomic locations of pregnant Humanity coincide with mental regions; art, environmental awareness, spirituality. Before Christ wars were predominantly about territory; after Christ predominantly about belief systems. Around 1812 wars were fought for free development within a global economy (US) and disintegration of aristocracy (France). The First World War arose in quest of national identities and compatibilities thereof; the Second World War in quest of the Übermensch as predicted by Nietzsche.

Discovery of the Standard Model during the twentieth century:

The child kicking in the womb and demanding to be known. "When anyone can reckon the dust of the earth, then your Seed can also be reckoned," promises God in Genesis 13:16. Science begins to re-appreciate the God-hypothesis but still cannot fully comprehend the presence of another kind of humanity inside of her(that's hardly self-aware), nor that the appreciation of the Utterly Other whom she remembers through the disciplines of anthropology, has gotten her pregnant.

The Big Jib, or the birth and subtraction of Ecclesia from the world and subsequent collapse of world order:

The woman giving birth. She either dies or is seriously disabled for a while. If she dies, the lower creatures of the world will consume her natural resources and reinstate a global economy, based on biological and lower mental principles.

The Millennium of Peace:

Ecclesia taking on the role of ruler of the world, unlike contemporary governments and very much alike a human brain ruling the rest of the body (the placenta will be thrown out; the church as recognizable organization will cease, science will be exhausted and the justice system will no longer be connected with the study of Law). Initially and only if the capitalistic economy survives, she will feed off the scientific knowledge of the world (milk from the mother) but soon she will consume solid Manna, perhaps to do with a ten dimensional consciousness, incomprehensible to her mother (Manna means 'what is that?'). If the mother-world does not survive, Ecclesia will be taken care of by the Father, like Jacob caring for Benjamin after Rachel died. Cow milk would certainly suffice to get Ecclesia through her infancy.