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Clement meaning


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🔼The name Clement: Summary

Calm, Peaceful
From the adjective clemens, calm or tranquil.

🔼The name Clement in the Bible

The name Clement (or rather the Greek version Klemes) occurs only once in the Bible. He was a fellow worker of Paul, who mentions him in his epistle to the congregation in Philippi (Philippians 4:3). It appears that at some point, Paul, Clement and two ladies named Euodia and Syntyche worked together on the building of the church in Philippi, but the ladies had some unspecified falling out. Paul asks the Philippians to help them with their conflict and urges them to live in harmony in the Lord.

It's generally accepted that this Clement went on to become one of Peter's immediate successors as Bishop of Rome and has since been known as Pope Clement I. Of the two extant epistles of Clement, the authorship of the first is generally ascribed to this Clement, but Clementine authorship of the second is generally denied.

🔼Etymology of the name Clement

The name Clement is Latin and comes from the adjective clemens, meaning calm or tranquil:

Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary

The adjective clemens means calm and unexcited, and ultimately mild in respect to the faults and failures of others.

🔼Clement meaning

The name Clement means Calm or Peaceful and seems particularly to reflect a virtuous reserve in dealing with people of other credos, which would be fitting for a Pope or religious leader of any age.