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Arie Uittenbogaard

Arie Uittenbogaard

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Translating Biblical names is an absolute joy, and an art all by itself. It's a labor of love that I started in the mid-nineties, when I was stationed in Boston, and hung around the campuses of Gordon Conwell, Harvard Theo and MIT. I never enrolled but these institutions have great pizza places. And libraries! It was the best time of my life.

While I was at those libraries, eating pizza and trying to understand the Bible, I noticed that in some passages, the understanding of the meaning of the names was crucial to understanding the passage as a whole. I discovered that Biblical names often harbor the same kind of beauty and grace that the Biblical narrative does. I was hooked and hooked for good.

The days that I could afford to have my nose in books for hours on end are far behind me. But in between boss-obeying, wife-pleasing and kid-raising, I'm still a big fan of translating these little poetic gems of the Bible. So far I've translated a little over 700 names - that's 15% of all the names in the Bible - and I still frequently add to the pile. I have a huge wish-list of names that I still want to look at, but if you are interested in a specific one, by all means, write me and I'll have a look at it.


— Arie

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