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🔼Waw-nun names

The Hebrew language contains a class of nouns that are constructed by postfixing a root with ון, or waw nun. Lexicons will simply state that a ון-word is a diminutive form, but it's a bit more subtle than that.

The English language (and the mind that contains it) consists predominantly of 'things' that look a certain way and verbs are derived from those things. The Hebrew language works the other way around. Hebrew starts out with a movement or action and derived nouns are those things that perform that action. The specific ון-nouns are to the parent verb what a bucket of water is to a river. A ון-noun describes a person who does the verb, or a place at which the verb is done. In effect, the ון-couple personifies or localizes the root.

For more on the difference between the English language and the Hebrew language, read our article To Be Is To Do.

Hebrew names that end on waw-nun

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