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Meaning and etymology of the name Lo Debar

Lo Debar Lo Debar or Lo Debar

Lo Debar is the name of a town in the area called Gilead in Manasseh. It's mentioned twice in the Bible; once as the hiding place of Mephiboseth, the son of Jonathan, the son of Saul (2 Samuel 9:4,5 - spelled Lo Debar), and once as the origin of Machir who supplies David and his people when they are on the run from Absalom (2 Samuel 17:27 - spelled Lo Debar).

The name Lo Debar obviously consists of two parts. The Lo-part is a common particle of negation: no. It's also used in names like Lo-Ammi (not my people) and Lo-Ruhamah (no mercy).

The Debar-part is of the fruitful and much applied dabar-stock. The word dabar is commonly translated with Word, but it may also mean pasture or pestilence. What these three seemingly highly distinct meanings may have to do with each other becomes evident after some word scrutiny; please refer to the name Dabar YHWH (meaning Word of God) for more details.

Perhaps the name Lo Debar means Without Pasture (as is proposed by Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names) but perhaps it means No Word, a derogatory name denoting lack of enlightenment or stupidity.



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