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The name Raddai in the Bible

Raddai is the fifth son of Jesse, and older brother of David (1 Chronicles 2:14). He's mentioned but plays no further role in the Bible.

Etymology of the name Raddai

There are several ways to go about interpreting the name Raddai. The name Raddai looks like an imperative of the verb ירד (yarad), go down:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

This imperative form רדי is used in Isaiah 47:1 and Jeremiah 48:18: Come down...!

BDB Theological Dictionary and others however suggest that the name Raddai comes from the verb רדד (radad), meaning to beat down or subdue:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

The letter yod added to form the name Raddai, some suggest, is a remnant of the name of the Lord YHWH.

Raddai meaning

For a meaning of the name Raddai, NOBSE Study Bible Name List reads Yahweh Has Subdued. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads simply Subduing.

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