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Eunice meaning


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🔼The name Eunice: Summary

Good/ Great Victory
From (1) the adverb ευ (eu), good or great, and (2) the noun νικη (nike), victory.

🔼The name Eunice in the Bible

The name Eunice appears once in the Bible (2 Timothy 1:5). She's the daughter of Lois and the mother of Timothy, the apprentice of Paul. She was Jewish and a Christian and married to a Greek (Acts 16:1), but that's all we know about her.

🔼Etymology of the name Eunice

The name Eunice consists of two parts. The first part is the common Greek adverb ευ (eu), meaning well, good or noble when it stands on its own, or as a positive intensive when its used in a compound, such as our name Eunice:

Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary

The familiar adverb ευ (eu) means good or noble. It occurs mostly in compounds.

The second part of the name Eunice is the well-known Greek word νικη (nike), meaning victory:

Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary

The noun νικη (nike) means victory. It comes with the verb νικαω (nikao), to be victorious.

🔼Eunice meaning

The name Eunice literally means Good/ Great Victory.