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The name Aiah in the Bible

There are two people in the Bible with the name Aiah, and both are most probably men. The first Aiah we come across is a son of Zibeon, son of Seir the Horite. His brother is called Anah, who famously found hot springs in the wilderness (Genesis 36:24). The second Aiah is the father (and probably not the mother, as Alfred Jones proposes) of Rizpah, the unfortunate concubine of Saul, whose sons were handed over to the men of Gibeon by king David, and subsequently executed (2 Samuel 3:7).

Etymology of the name Aiah

The name Aiah comes from the rich root group אוה ('wh I, II, III and IV):

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Aiah meaning

The name Aiah is identical to the feminine noun איה meaning hawk or falcon, but that doesn't mean that Aiah has to be a woman. It occurs frequently that masculine names are feminine nouns, and vice versa.

Also note that this name terminates with the familiar יה (yah), which would normally be the abbreviated form of יהוה (YHWH), the name of the Lord.

For a meaning of the name Aiah, BDB Theological Dictionary and NOBSE Study Bible Name List both read Falcon. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names proposes Merlin or Little Hawk.

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