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Aiim meaning


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🔼The name Aiim in the Bible

The name Aiim is probably not really a name. Only the Young translation insists on speaking of these people, who would occupy the ruins of Babylon (Isaiah 13:22), and would also meet with another dubious people named the Ziim, and live happily ever after in the ruins of Zion (Isaiah 34:14). This is the same verse in which some translations (but not Young, curiously) also have Lilith settle there.

Young also speaks of a people named the Iim, who would live together with the Ziim as well, and whose name is spelled the same as the Aiim (and even pointed the same by the medieval Masoretes). Why Young thinks that the Aiim and the Iim are not the same people (called either Iim or Aiim) is not clear.

🔼Etymology of the name Aiim

The "name" Aiim is the same as the plural form of the word אי ('i), meaning jackal:

🔼Aiim meaning

Whether Aiim is a name or not, it means Jackals.