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Hapharaim meaning

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🔼The name Hapharaim in the Bible

The name Hapharaim occurs only once in the Bible. It's the name of a town or location that was contained within the territory assigned to the tribe of Issachar (Joshua 19:19), and Issachar's land was located east of the Sea of Galilee, just south of Zebulun's and north of Manasseh's land.

🔼Etymology of the name Hapharaim

The name Hapharaim appears to be a plural (or dual) form of a noun that's not otherwise used in the Bible, but it clearly comes from either of the verbs חפר (hapar/haper):

🔼Hapharaim meaning

For a meaning of the name Hapharaim, NOBSE Study Bible Name List reads Double Pit and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names has Two Wells. BDB Theological Dictionary does not translate the name Hapharaim but does list it under the verb חפר I (hapar), meaning to dig.

Note that the Hebrew language has frequently-used words for pit and well which have nothing to do with either of the verbs חפר. If our name comes from חפר I (hapar), it would mean Two Digs, but it may just as well come from חפר II (haper) and mean Two Shames.

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