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Meaning and etymology of the name Jonadab

Jonadab Jonadab—Jehonadab Jehonadab

There are two Jonodabs in the Bible and both of them are also known by the expanded form Jehonadab (or actually, the name Jonodab is a contracted form of Jehonodab). The first Jonodab we meet is a son of Shimea, a brother of king David (2 Samuel 13:3). He is a friend of Amnon, David's son, and he encourages Amnon to lure sister Tamar by saying he's sick. Amnon does so and ends up raping his sister.
This Jonadab is called Jehonadab in verse 5.

Jonadab two is a son of Rechab, and he rides with Jehu on his killing spree of the sons of Ahab and the priests of Baal (2 Kings 10:15). In the days of the prophet Jeremiah, this Jonadab is remembered as a leader and legislator of the Rechabites (Jeremiah 35:6). Jeremiah brings him a message of God in which He wonders why the Rechabites listen to Jonadab but not to Him.
This Jonadab is called Jehonadab in half of his appearances in Jeremiah.

The name Jonadab / Jehunadab consists of two parts:

1) The first part is Jah, Jah / Jahu, which in turn are abbreviated forms of the Tetragrammaton; the name of the Lord: YHWH.

Jonadab meaning

For a meaning of the name Jonadab / Jehunadab, NOBS Study Bible Name List proposes Yahweh Is Bounteous. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads The Lord Gave Spontaneously. And BDB Theological Dictionary suggests Yah Is Noble or Is liberal or Hath Impelled.

Related names are Abinadab, Ahinadab, Nodab and Nedabiah



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