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The name Naaman in the Bible

There are two Naamans in the Bible:

  • A son of Benjamin (Genesis 46:21), whose descendants and those of his brother Ard, are later considered sons of Bela, Benjamin's first born. This Naaman became the patriarch of the sub-clan of the Naamites (נעמי; Numbers 26:40).
  • A leprous Aramean captain in whose healing Elisha was instrumental (2 Kings 5). Jesus refers to this Naaman in His sermon at the synagogue of Nazareth (spelled Νεεμαν, Neeman; Luke 4:27)

Etymology of the name Naaman

The name Naaman is derived from he verb נעם (na'em) meaning be pleasant, sweet, delightful, beautiful:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

The derivative נעמן (naaman) means pleasantness, but the added nun usually works as a personification of the root, and the name Naaman may mean Nice Guy, Delightful One.

Naaman meaning

For a meaning of the name Naaman, NOBSE Study Bible Name List reads Pleasant. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads Pleasantness.

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