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Ner meaning


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🔼The name Ner in the Bible

The one and only Ner in the Bible is a son of Maacah and Abiel (a.k.a. Jeiel — 1 Chronicles 9:35), the father of Abner and Kish, and the grandfather of king Saul.

Ner plays no active role in the Bible. He is mentioned a few times as the grandfather of Saul, but most often as the father of Saul's uncle Abner, who became a general in the army of Israel.

🔼Etymology of the name Ner

The name Ner is identical to the noun נר (ner), meaning lamp:

🔼Ner meaning

For a meaning of the name Ner, both NOBSE Study Bible Name List and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names read Lamp. BDB Theological Dictionary doesn't translate our name but does confirm that it's the same as the word for lamp.