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Meaning and etymology of the name Qoheleth

Qoheleth Qoheleth

The name Qoheleth is unique in the English Bible. It is the only Biblical name that always gets translated, and that for no apparent reason. It's the name of a Bible book, named after its protagonist, much like Isaiah, Jonah or Micah. But Qoheleth, or the Book of Qoheleth is always translated either with Preacher or with Ecclesiastes. The latter is a Greek/ Latin translation of Qoheleth.

The name Qoheleth has to do with the verb qahal, (qahal), meaning to assemble. HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament adds that this verb "conveys the idea of assembling without regard to purpose." People assemble with the intend to wage war, to worship, to celebrate, to listen to an orator, etc. The verb comes from the noun qahal (qahal 1991a), assembly, company, congregation. The Latin translation of this noun is most often ekklesia and sometimes sunagoge.

HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament suggests that the noun qahal (qahal) may have to do with the noun qol (qol), voice, or a sound made with the vocal cords, although the stronger connection to qahal charges the name Qoheleth with the meaning of Gatherer, Assembler or Collector. BDB Theological Dictionary insists that the collection that the name Qoheleth refers to is a collection of sentences, but such a distinction is not evident in the usage of the nouns and verbs that this name is related to. It rather refers to the audience or an assembly that forms around a Public Orator. In that sense the name Qoheleth may have to do with the idea that the name Arie conveys. Also see the name Agur.



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