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The name Ari in the Bible

The name Ari exists both in Hebrew and in Greek (see below for a look at the Greek Ari) but neither actually occurs as such in the Bible. The Hebrew Ari (sometimes transliterated as Arie) occurs only in the compounds Ariel and Areli), and as the variant Arieh.

Etymology of the Hebrew name Abba

The name Ari or Arie is equal to the Hebrew noun ארי ('ari), meaning lion, and comes from the root-verb ארה (arah), meaning to gather:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

The Hebrew Ari meaning

Together with the feminine name Deborah and its masculine counterpart Dabar, the feminine word 'urya and the masculine name Ari form the gender-inverted self-similarity between the bee-in-the-lion of Judges 14:8 and the Word-in-the-crib of the Christmas story (for more details see our Introduction to Scripture Theory).

The Hebrew name Ari or Arie means Lion (equivalent to the Latin name Leo) or Gatherer. This secondary meaning relates the name Arie to the names Qoheleth and Agur.

The Greek name Ari in the Bible

The Greek name Ari also doesn't occur by itself in the Bible. In the New Testament the Greek name Ari occurs only in compound names.

Etymology of the Greek name Ari

The Greek name Ari represents the common inseparable prefix αρι (ari) or ερι (eri):

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

The Greek Ari meaning

In Greek the name Ari means The Best or Excellence.

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