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Meaning and etymology of the name Zillah

Zillah Zillah

Zillah is the second of the two wives of Lamech the First (Genesis 4:19). She is the third woman named in the Bible (Lamechs other wife, Adah, is second, Sarai is number four).

The name Zillah comes from the not so very positive root group salal (sll I, II, III & IV). HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament gives it four separate meanings:
1) salal (salal), means to tingle or quiver. The derivatives of this root cover a whirring or buzzing and things that whirr: silsal (silsal), meaning spear, locusts, and things that ring: (bells, cymbals).
2) salal (salal II), means to sink or submerge (Exodus 15:10 only).
3) salal (salal III) means to be or grow dark (Nehemiah 3:19). Derivative sel (sel) means shadow. The female form of this word would yield the name Zillah.
4) salal (sll IV) is the assumed root of slwl (slwl); the killer cake of Judges 7:13.

The meaning of the name Zillah may include any of the above. Both NOBS Study Bible Name List and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names read Shadow.

Other names constructed from this root are Hazelelponi, Bazalel and Zillethai.

Other names that (may) have meanings that have to do with darkness: Bezalel, Cush, Ephah, Kedar, Kidron, Lilith, Orpah, Sharon.



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