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Meaning and etymology of the Hebrew name Adah

Adah Adah

As wife of Lamech the First, Adah is the second woman named in the Bible. The first woman to be named in the Old Testament is Eve. In Gensis 36:2 we find another Adah, namely one of two Canaanite wives of Esau.

The Hebrew word Adah is quite common and there is no way to be sure which of the many meanings of this word this name was made from. According to various transliterations that history preserved for us, the name Adah sounds more or less like the first two of the following words that are spelled identical to the name:

1) The Hebrew verb Adah (ada) means go on, pass by. Derivatives are continuing future, booty, prey, as far as, until, while.
2) The Hebrew verb Adah (ada) means to ornament, deck oneself. The derivative adi (ada) means ornaments.
3) The Hebrew verb yaad (ya'ad) means appoint, betroth, assemble, meet. The derivative Adah (eda) means congregation.
4) The Hebrew verb ud ('ud) means return, repeat. Derivations Adah (eda) mean witness, testimony/ ies.
5) The Hebrew noun Adah (idda) means menstruation.

In merry unison, NOBS Study Bible Name List, BDB Theological Dictionary and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names take the name from Adah (ada) and read Ornament.

Other names that constructed from the verb adah are Adaiah, Adiel, Adithaim and Jehoaddah.



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