A Brief History of the End of Time—Parallels between the First and Second Coming of Christ

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A Brief History of the End of Time

— 11. Parallels between the First and Second Coming of Christ —

🔼Was Tolstoy right?

The impact of people like Rockefeller and Gates are too profound to not be predicted by Scriptures. If Tolstoy was right and world-leaders emerge from people movements and not vice versa, the macro-evolution of mankind may certainly be inevitable while at the same time at quantum-level individual human minds are as free as God Himself (more on this in the next chapter).

This idea would fully concur with Daniel's detailed report of people's movements including the generated leaders (large-scale) and the complete absence of personal names (small-scale).

The First and Second Coming of Christ are by no means unrelated. In fact, there are some compelling parallels between the two, which makes it easier to understand either one.

🔼Events leading up to the First Coming: A Hebrew pearl in Persia's hand

The word Babylon in Scriptures is synonymous with a large empire that arises after unification of various elements and Nebuchadnezzar underwent a profound change in mentality just like Rockefeller. Initially he was a conqueror and a self-righteous titan but at a certain point in his life he turned to the Living God of the Jews who lived in Babylonian exile, and went on to do good.

Scriptures goes as far as to call Nebuchadnezzar a servant of the Lord and an instrument in His hand.

The empire of Nebuchadnezzar was taken over by Persia but the essence of the empire remained. Peculiar enough, during the reign of the Persians the Jews began to go back to Judea to rebuild the temple under Zerubbabel. Peculiar because something similar happened between the two world wars when for no apparent reason the region of Palestine began to attract Jews from their Diaspora all over the world, as well as many gentiles.

The Book of Esther tells us how around the time that the Greeks kicked out the Persians, the Persian emperor Ahasuerus or Xerxes was displeased with his wife Vashti and sought a new wife among the beauties of his collapsing realm.

His eye soon fell on Esther, a Hebrew girl of astonishing pulchritude that kept her ethnicity secret until the emperor's chief general Haman came up with a plan to exterminate all the Jews. Queen Esther revealed her Jewishness, Ahasuerus allowed the Jews to strike back, and their victory over Haman and his consorts is still celebrated in the feast of Purim.

After the fall and execution of Haman, the prophet Ezra lead a group of remaining Jews back to Judea to join Zerubbabel, and focused on the restoration of the people and re-establishment of Torahic Law.

🔼Similar events leading up to the Second Coming: Torahic Law in oil-based capitalism's hand

When the world was through fighting World War I it entered the period of depression. In the middle of that depression a brain-squad of people like Heisenberg, Born, de Broglie and Schrödinger solved the wave-particle paradox which had plagued science for centuries and which was nothing other than an incognito version of the ongoing argument between extreme Calvinism (predestination / particles are conventional objects that travel along determinable trajectories) and extreme Arminianism (free-will / particles are waves and have no discreet parameters).

The solution to both paradoxes is that quanta are indeed discreet but far from conventional and progress according to possibility waves.

The wave behavior of particles is not due to a wave rolling through a medium (a wrongful assumption that necessitated the disproven ethereal universe theory / the pantheistic ideas that started in the eighteenth century and regained some momentum during the rise of New Age philosophy) but to the chance that a particle moves along a certain trajectory and ends up in a certain position.

The determinism that the world was wedded to and that had reared Euclidean and Cartesian mathematics, Calvinistic theology, Newtonian physics, and Freudian psychology began to make way for Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and the philosophy of existentialism and probabilism, and the notion that individuals can certainly exist freely within a system of rigid parameters. At the same time however, anti-Semitism raised its ugly head and Adolf Hitler proposed his methods to exterminate the world from Jews, and that included theoretical physics because the Nazis deemed theoretical physics Jewish. And for once they were right, as it was about to reveal the authority of the Torah in matters of matter.

Many Jewish scientists were forced to flee Germany. Among them were Albert Einstein who received the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect, and Erwin Schrödinger who fled Germany in 1933 and received the Nobel Prize in that same year. Schrödinger himself was not a Jew but could not cope with the prosecution of many of his colleges. The same went for Max Planck who had received the Nobel Prize in 1918 for discovering that all matter and forces are made up from discreet packages he called quanta.

Planck even went face to face with the Führer und Reichskanzler to protest his treatment of Jewish scientists, but to no avail. In 1944 Planck's second son was arrested and executed for his involvement in a plot to assassinate Hitler. (His first son was killed during World War One).

Hitler managed to cripple the Jewish people, but not the beauty and light that was given humanity through the Jews in the Torah.

After the Second World War, Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory and the Standard Model began to re-appear as once the Law by Ezra and the modern Israel that was established in 1948 served as physical manifestation of a much more profound and mental victory for all of mankind.

When it was completed in the late twentieth century, the Standard Model — the description of the family of elementary particles — appeared to be near identical to the family of Abraham, the same one to whom God said that his family would be like the dust of the earth. Persia was astonished: Esther was a Jew. Read the article on the Standard Model in Genesis

🔼Events leading up to the First Coming: Greek thoughts versus Persian muscle

Alexander the First of Macedonia had been forced to kneel to Xerxes and participate in his campaign against Greece but the reign of Persia came to a halt when the Macedonian Alexander the Third who would go down in history as Alexander the Great retaliated and conquered most of the known world.

Alexander the Great had been a student of Aristotle, who in turn had been a student of Plato, the student and biographer of Socrates. The Greek Empire that Alexander created contained within its texture the tradition of philosophy and science that would form modern thought and still inspires many today.

Democracy had been invented. Pythagoras' idea that numbers can explain everything prevails to this day.

The Greek mind harbored thoughts concerning the spherical form of earth and the idea that all material consists of indivisible elements they called atoms. The Greek philosophers had embraced logic over tradition and Socrates had gone as far as to favor death over compliance. Aristotle had developed a system of logic thinking that has influenced modern philosophy ever since. He also concluded the inevitable existence of a Prime Mover, hence concluding the existence of the Creator for the first time outside a religious context.

The early Apostles could explain the gospel without a whole lot of reference to the Torah because of the Greek skill of logic thinking and their appreciation for novelties and the notion that an incomplete understanding necessitates the existence of truth outside common belief (hence the temple devoted to the Unknown God). The secular Greek mind was healthy enough to tap on the ceiling of wisdom, and that gave Alexander the Great the wings he needed.

The prophet Daniel had presaged the coming of such an empire in a vision of a male unicorn goat that ran across the world without touching the ground. Then the archangel Gabriel appeared to Daniel and explained that a) the vision pertained to the end of time, far into Daniel's future and b) the male goat was the royalty of Javan and its horn Javan's first king.

Javan was the name of one of the sons of Japheth, one of the sons of Noah who would live in the 'tents' of Shem, who was the arch-father of Abraham and others. Generally, the Japhethites and specifically the Javanites were to cause a spread or broadening of the gentile coastlands, or rather their mental asymptote since Noah marked the beginning of the modern human mind ( read our article on the Chaotic Set). Javan was also the designation for Greece in the Old Testament, but is not limited to Greece. The Hebrew word for horn comes from the verb to shine, or be radiant.

The 'horn' of Javan would break and four horns would come from it, and they would spread out towards the four winds of heaven. This does not signify so much any topographic proceedings as the making of a worldwide altar (the distinctive altars of the tabernacle and temple had a horn on each of the four corners) and Daniel subsequently observed the defilement of the daily sacrifice, which was supposed to lay on the temple's altar (God's revelation) and not on a global Greek or subsequent Roman one (own insight).

From the one-ness of the four horns however Daniel witnessed yet another horn emerge. It was initially tiny but soon exceedingly great, even to reach up to the Host of Heaven, and obviously exceeding the greatness of the initial horn of the unicorn ram.

🔼Similar events leading up to the Second Coming: The thinking machine versus oil-based capitalism

When in the first decade of the twentieth century the oil industry had secured its corporeal body and the US government began to attack the large trusts, the complexity of the new world literally rose over people's heads and all eyes turned to a tradition that had started in Babylon as much as five millennia earlier: the deployment of a machine that instead of ease man's physical labor could expand man's cerebral functions.

Initially mechanical calculators and proto-computers served the oil industry, but in the Second World War the quest for extended ballistic tables pulled the computer into the political arena.

Enormous investments were made and private companies such as IBM and the Universities of Harvard (Mark 1) and Pennsylvania (ENIAC) made the world's first electromagnetic 'super'-computers.

Soon after the war general-service computers became available to the public and the computer business became a global industry itself. Mankind had issued herself an inert arithmetical electromagnetic brain and computing power rose to the canopy of heaven, reaching a realm of mythical numbers such as the googolplex (10 raised to the power of 10100, which are so large that they don't even occur in nature. Large amounts of instantaneous calculations became possible and with it simulations of highly complex systems such as earth's atmosphere.

Chaos Theory was deducted and many scientists and lay-people realized that they were marveling at one of the most fundamental formation-methods of nature, something no one had noticed before because everyone had been raised to believe in linear determinism.

To quote James Gleick in his celebrated book Chaos, "Believers in Chaos and they sometimes call themselves believers, or converts, or evangelists speculate about determinism and free will, about evolution, about the nature of conscious intelligence. They feel that they are turning back a trend in science toward reductionism, the analysis of systems in terms of their constituent parts: quarks, chromosomes, or neurons. They believe that they are looking for the whole."

While harried by the US government on charges of violating the anti-trust laws (three suits from 1939 to 1982), IBM launched the highly successful model 701 in 1952 and cornered a major part of the new market, which was carried by a multitude of companies. The 701 had an electronic stored program (later known as software). The first magnetic tape device came a year later and the first real programming language (FORTRAN) a year after that. Vacuum tubes were replaced by transistors, transistors by integrated circuits.

In 1969 IBM unbundled its products into separate software, hardware and services departments, which spawned the multi-million dollar industry it is now. Six years later MITS was able to create a computer that wasn't as monstrously large as its predecessors and called it the Altair Personal Computer. The same year Bill Gates and Paul Allen adapted and sold BASIC to MITS, Microsoft was founded and set off to supply the world with software for all seasons.

Data, not knowledge and certainly not wisdom, became the new commodity and the Internet gave the world her neo-Pax Romana.


Whether by self-similarity or infinitesimal chance, the world today is organized almost identical to the Mediterranean region of two thousand years ago.

The Jews who had returned to Palestine and had created Judea spoke a language that was slightly different from the language of the Torah. When Ezra re-discovered the profundity of the Torah he enlisted a small group of explainers that formed an interface between the Law and the populace.

The initiation of these explainers heralded the rabbinic period, and the art of scientific Scripture-Theory was slowly replaced by the forging of amendment upon amendment and clause upon clause until the school of the Pharisees was as surreptitious as our legal system now.

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