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Meaning and etymology of the name Baal Peor

Baal Peor Peor  baal

Baal Peor is a Moabite god, which service specifically included sexual acts. Numbers 25 reports that Israel joined in the worship of Baal Peor, which results in a mass execution of 24,000.

The name Baal Peor consists of two parts: Firstly the word Baal meaning owner, husband. The second segment is the name of a mountain in Moab: Peor. This name comes from the Hebrew verb paar (pa'ar) meaning open wide. The occurrences of the verb indicate adjunction with strong passion or feeling, usually not very positive (Job 16:10, Isaiah 5:14), and describe the wide opening of the mouth, hence alluding to other body cavities.

Hosea remarks on the Baal Peor event in Hosea 9:10, and it is clear that the Israelites defiled themselves there with abundant fornication and sexual perversion. All leading translators steer timidly clear from this name, which basically comes down to Lord Spread'em, or Lord Hole.



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