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Joshbekashah in Biblical Hebrew
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The name Joshbekashah in the Bible

There's only one man in the Bible who carries the enormous name Joshbekashah. He is a Levite — one of fourteen sons of Heman, who also has three unnamed daughters — who is to prophesy with lyre, harp and cymbals (1 Chronicles 25:4).

Etymology of the name Joshbekashah

The complete etymology of the name Joshbekashah is disputed, although the various sources agree that the final part has to do with the root group קשה (qasha I & II):

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

The origin of the first part is disputed, although scholars agree that it comes from the following cluster:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

Joshbekashah meaning

Alfred Jones (Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names) proposes the first part of our name comes from the verb ישב (yashab), meaning to sit, remain or dwell. According to Jones, the letter beth of the name Joshbekashah, doesn't come from our verb (or rather, has been omitted in the name Joshbekashah) but is the particle beth, meaning in or by. Altogether, Jones translates the name Joshbekashah with the curious A Seat In A Hard Place.

NOBSE Study Bible Name List doesn't agree with Jones and sees more in the verb שוב (shub), meaning to turn or to return. Hence NOBSE reads a rather forged He Returns A Hard Fate.

Perhaps the name Joshbekashah is meant as a play on words and means He Turns Turned Metal. Or perhaps he was the local barber, known as Curling Iron. And then, of course, it's possible he was a bit of a Hard Ass. Who knows?

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