Genesis 1; A week of Weeks

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22. Genesis 1

— A Week of Weeks —

Isaiah 30:26

The light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven days, on the day the Lord binds up the fracture of His people and heals the bruise He has inflicted.

Aligning the first period (water) with the evolution of matter;
an excursion in complexity - not time!

daySymbol Day 1

The universe — as we understand it presently — commenced in perfect symmetry. Void and formless is exactly what it was. Since time is the result of particle interaction, and there were no particles, time did not exist either. The universe did not commence in a distant past; it commenced "before" time did. The universe is truly pre-historic, and Genesis 1 plays not on a temporal axis but tells the story of creation through steps in complexity. The first step in complexity is the step from nothing to an undefined "something". The famous "beginning" of Genesis 1:1 does not denote the beginning of time — because time starts on day 4 (Genesis 1:14) — but of the beginning of the heavens and the earth.

Scientific record calls it: Genesis 1 calls it:
Singularity of energy Void and formlessness of "waters"

daySymbol Day 2

The first structural manifestation in the creation week is the separating of the aquatic body into lower waters and higher waters, separated by the firmament called the heavens. In the development of the material realm, the first breach in symmetry was the matter-antimatter manifestation. In Genesis 1 only the lower aquatic body produces the rest of observable creation. In the material realm, only the regular side of the matter-antimatter couple is to form observable space-time.

Scientific record talks about: Genesis 1 talks about:
Energy breaching into matter and antimatter Waters breaching into an upper and lower body of water, separated by the expanse called the heavens.

daySymbol Day 3

Waters collect and form solid ground. Physics speaks of polarization; particles are established. Modern physics dubbed these particles quarks, leptons and bosons. The word 'quark' means solidified milk and was drawn from a James Joyce novel. 'Lepton' is the Greek word for small. And 'boson' is a word constructed from the name of a mister Bose, who distinguished himself in the research of statistics. In other words, there is no internal consistency in the three words quark, lepton and boson.

Genesis 1 does better: trees, shrubs and herbs. Knowing that this is the material realm the trees are that which we call quarks; shrubs are leptons and herbs are bosons.

The Bible speaks of 'waters under the earth' (Exodus 20:4). A few pages ago we saw that 'underneath' solid particles there is the highly turbulent ocean of quantum froth from which they sprang, in full concord with the third day (see hold that thought (4b)).

At the end of the third day (and that's a level in complexity not in time) all various particles have been established. There are light-weight electron-positron pairs that zip in and out of existence, bosons such as gluons that glue massive quarks into even more massive threesomes, and photons that get gobbled up and expelled almost at once. The universe is a red-hot briar patch of nothing but sizzling thorns that live single moment lives, and that are unable to store information or make lasting structures.

Scientific record calls it: Genesis 1 calls it:
Polarization of energy into particles The lower waters gather until dry land appears
Quantum Foam (Waters under the earth — Ex 20:4)
Quarks Trees
Leptons Shrubs
Bosons Herbs

daySymbol Day 4

On the fourth day the creation command is repeated, but in plural: let there be lights! Where the first 'let there be light' ultimately resulted in the making of the individual quantum particle (the lesser light), on the fourth day their application is commanded: be plural! (the great light).

The fourth day is the day of hydrogen forming: The great light of cooperation shines and the universe becomes transparent and capable of sustaining a space-time continuum. The era of particle mortality is over.

We should recognize immediately the profundity of all this, since one single believer may be compared to a star, but the union of believers is the Body of Christ, where immortality is the rule. Day four is in essence the Day of Christ.

The majority of elementary particles in the universe today were born during the creation week. It's not known for sure if the particles that make our world are entirely stable, but they are so stable that they've lived only a fraction of their lives since their emergence.

Scientific record says: Genesis 1 says:
Matter-radiation decoupling. The atom becomes possible. Hydrogen forms Let there be lights
Regular stable space-and-time begins Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens (that's hydrogen in space). Let them be for signs, for seasons, for days and years (that's time).

daySymbol Day 5

The phrase 'soul of life' is introduced. Matter has become living. Electromagnetic economy is conducted. Atoms form from small to large.

daysymbol Day 6

Molecules form from large to small. And finally the molecules emerge that are capable of bearing life like an acre: DNA.

The first three periods


Remember the Household Set of Chapter 12? The Chaotic Set Theory is based on that same set. The three periods of matter life and mind are self-similar and follow each other's design with great precision.

  • Note how every realm happens on the seventh day of the former. An identical structure is found in Revelation where the sequence of seven seals is followed by a sequence of seven trumpets under the seventh seal, and the seven bowls follow the seventh trumpet.

  • Also note that the following scheme is an excursion in complexity, not always following a temporal chronology. To this day many particles exist in space, still lingering at the phase of the first 4 (day four of period one; hydrogen forming). All material particles exist somewhere between the first 4 and the first 6 and cannot distinguish between being part of a rock or part of an organism.
  • All organisms that are alive today exist between the second 4 and the second 6, and the non-human organisms cannot imagine that a realm of intelligent mind exists, let alone ponder what it is like to have a human mind. And, even though many humans have tasted the Holy Spirit in some way or other, the world we live in is still very much organized after the level of the third 6. And yes, that is a human number. Apart from everything else, the Chaotic Set Theory also explains Revelation's mysterious number 666.

  • The creation week is a multi-dimensional interlaced fractal, but we won't burden the reader with all that is there to find. Suffice to say that the creation-fractal is deliciously complex. Every day has its dark part and its light part. But the whole week is self-similar to one day; also having a dark part (first three days) and a light part (latter three days). This teaches us the peculiar idea that the numbers 1 and 7 are self-similar.

  • The periods themselves are influenced by their position in the sequence. Period one is characterized by the main theme of day one (waters, void, light). Period two is characterized by the Great Divide of day two. Period Three runs after the Standard Model of day three. Period four commences at the Second Coming of Christ.

  • And finally, note that the essence of a Period begins half-way the previous Period: Living things begin on day one of Period two; but life as a concept starts at the hydrogen formation, Period One; day four. Mental units commence in Noah. But mind as a concept starts at the rise of multicellular creatures, Period Two, day four. The New Jerusalem commences on Period Four. But as a concept it starts in Jesus Christ, Period Three, day four.
Genesis 1 Day Matter;
the period of day 1
Keyword: water.
Name of Creator: Elohim.
Life; the period of day 2: matter/antimatter & Supersymmetry
Keyword: blood.
Name of Creator: Yahweh Elohim.
Mind; the period of day 3: Standard Model
Keyword: Spirit.
Name of Creator: Dabar Yahweh.
Watery face; light 1daySymbolEnergy Genesis 2:6-7; Adam, prokaryote. Noah
Waters and waters separated by firmament called heavens. 2 daySymbol Matter-antimatter breach; Super-symmetry established (if so).One river divides into four: Pishon, Gihon, Hadaquel and Parat *) Eber**)
2a Melchizedek
2b Cadaver vision of Genesis 15.
Lower waters collected; trees, shrubs, herbs. 3 daySymbol Standard Model; quarks, leptons, bosons. Abraham: Ishmaelites, Israelites, Nahorites.
3a Strongelectroweak becomes strong & electroweak. The Exodus; Egypt & Israel breach.
3b Nucleosynthesis Trees of Knowledge of Good and Evil & Of Life.Golden Calf & Tabernacle/Torah
3c Joshua's march into the Promised Land.
3d United Kingdom of (Saul,) David and Solomon.
3e Electroweak becomes electromagnetism & weak force; era of quark & lepton slaughter Obedience and disobedience; fall of man.Judah & Israel breach; loss of United Kingdom during reign of Rehoboam, the son of Solomon.
3f Expulsion from EdenRise of the Empires; Exiles to Assyria & Babylon. Esther averts holocaust by Haman
3g The promise 'you are dust and to dust you shall return' of Genesis 3:19. The verb for 'return' is the same verb as for 'convert'. Making people like dust of the earth was God's way of bringing them to Him.Return to Canaan; restoration of the Wall and the Temple, re-discovery of the Law by Ezra.
3h End of mass-dominated era. End of utter ignorance dominated era (Genesis 3:22). Biology today imagines that early prokaryotes began to form cultures with specific functions for certain creatures. In the fruit-of-the-tree passage of Genesis 3 we can read how the culture began to develop beyond the individual, projected this upon the individual, which then itself grew beyond its own individuality.End of the physical prowess era (sort of); Alexander, a student of Aristotle, 'converts' the world to Greek philosophy and heralds a new age of mental discipline.
Stars, great light, lesser great light. 4 daySymbol Matter-radiation uncoupling; hydrogen forming, commencement of space-time continuum. Enosh, sons of Seth, son of Adam and ancestor of Christ. Enosh is the word for man when the dependency upon other people and the human culture is stressed. "Then was began to call on the Name of Yahweh" (Genesis 4:26) Jesus Christ, the Great Light (Isaiah 9). "The first man Adam became unto the life-soul; the last Adam unto the life-giving Spirit" (1 Corinthians 15:45).
Tanin, swarmers, birds. 5 daySymbol Gradual formation of smaller atoms up to iron, giant quasars of old and the sudden bursts of production of larger atoms in Super Novae. Cambium explosion. Outburst of mental variety.
Large animals, creepers, and beasts of the earth. 6 daySymbol Atoms coalize. Formation of molecules, planets and finally the DNA upon which life is grafted. Life forms coalize. Formation of animal cultures and complex societies. Minds coalize. Formation of various schools of thought, and later the large, multilateral companies of which Standard Oil was the first.
God lays down the Name (and thus activities of) Elohim and assumes the name Yahweh Elohim. 7 Life begins; Adam Genesis 2:7. (Human) mind begins (Noah). Ecclesia ceases to be 'in the earth' and breaks free from Babylon

*) Here we have the one and only direct reference to supersymmetry, as one river divides into four heads in the biological equivalent of the second day event. The river Haddakel is presently known as the Tigris, and the Parat is known as Euphrates (Eu-Parat is Greek for Beautiful Parat). The Euphrates is the river of Babylon, to which Judah was deported. The Tigris is the river of Assyria, to where the other ten tribes were deported, and is mentioned only once again, in Daniel 10, where the prophet has a vision concerning the latter days. Both Pishon and Gihon are not part of our world, like the supersymmetric partners aren't.


**) But the argument of the four rivers seems to be completely negated by the sons of Joktan, who is the brother of Eber and has 13 sons. The number 13 does not occur in the Standard Model, or in the SUSY extension. Not yet, that is.
But still, Genesis more than obviously connects the four rivers to the generations immediately preceding Eber as they run through the lands of Havilah, Cush and Asshur, which are names of two sons and a grandson of the three sons of Noah.

The final three periods, corresponding to the fourth, fifth and sixth day

It's challenging enough to extrapolate what will happen to the human being in the nearest future, let alone a while down the line. But when the universe steps onto the fourth day it will be like hydrogen forming and the manifestation of the space-time continuum in its wake.

The Bible seems to predict that man as we know it is the common ancestor of two kinds of new-humans. There will be a group of 144,000 selected, and a multitude that cannot be counted (Rev 14). There will be a New Jerusalem with twelve gates that never close, and a large world outside Jerusalem of which all the nations will walk in the light of Jerusalem, and from which kings shall bring glory to Jerusalem (Rev 21).

But there's something else. During the first three days of matter, existence was highly localized. After the formation of hydrogen, space became transparent and only then it appeared to be that large. Before the expulsion from Eden, existence was highly localized. After the expulsion Adam and Eve were introduced to a world that was a lot larger. Before the ascension of Christ, the gospel was preached to Israel only. After the ascension, the gospel became available for the entire world. There seems to be a jump from local to global half way a creation day. Perhaps we could expect a similar jump at the Second Coming.

There are two possibilities. Or the unification of the mental realm pours out into the animal realm (Isaiah seems to think so - Isaiah 65:25), or mankind will begin to explore space by sheer power of mind. Perhaps both.

Even though they evolve identically, the first three periods are very much separated. Matter and life, life and mind, mind and ecclesia. What's in store for us on the fourth period, and the fifth? And the sixth? Or even the seventh? Will the fifth day be one of galactic unification? Will the sixth day be one of universal restoration? A unified mind occupying the entire vastness of the universe, in ways unimaginable by our present terra-bound intelligence?

Why not?

Closing remarks

The Chaotic Set Theory explains all Scriptural phenomena and shows full congruence with the various scientific records. The CST needs not to leave words or word-segments out of the Text, shows that Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are not inconsistent repetitions of the same story, but belong together and were written the way they were deliberately and precise.

The fractal goes on to contain close to every event in the Bible. It allows scenes from Genesis to explain scenes from Revelation, and even permits brief excursions in an abstract future.

— This concludes our introduction to Scripture Theory —