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Meaning and etymology of the Hebrew name Barak

Barak Barak

There's only one Barak named in the Bible and he is the son of Abinoam of Kedesh-naphtali and a general during the days of the judge Deborah (Judges 4:6). Barak is called by God to lead 10,000 men from Naphtali and Zebulun against the army of Jabin, king of Hazor in Canaan. The battle takes place near the river Kishon, and the Canaanites are defeated. Jabin's general Sisera is finally murdered by a woman named Jael.

The name Barak is identical to the Hebrew word Barak (baraq) meaning lightning (usually of God; Exodus 19:16; Ezk 1:13), or glittering of weapons (Ezk 21:10 Job 20:25). The verb Barak (baraq) means cast forth (of lightning) as used in Psalm 144:6.

The prime minister of Israel from 1999 to 2001 named himself Ehud Barak at the start of his career as a soldier in 1959. At the end of it, in 1995, he held the ultimate rank of lieutenant general. Barak played major rolls in the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War and headed special commando units, including the one that stormed the hijacked plane at Lod International Airport in 1972. He was born as Ehud Brog.

The name Barak means Lightning (NOBS Study Bible Name List & Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names). Jones adds Thunderbolt.

Also see the name Bene-barak.



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