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Meaning and etymology of the name Barjona

Barjona Barjona

The name Barjona occurs one time in the Bible, and it appears to be Peter's surname (Matthew 16:17). But it may also be a nickname because Jesus uses it to address Simon, to whom Jesus gave the nickname Peter (meaning pebble, not rock).

The name Barjona consists of two elements. The first part is the Aramaic word bar bar, which is the equivalent of the Hebrew word ben ben, meaning son (see the name Ben).

The second part of the name Barjona probably comes from the Hebrew name Jonah (Jonah) - meaning that Peter's father may have been called Jonah, which is generally considered to mean Dove. And since the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a Dove (Matthew 3:16), Jesus calling someone Son Of The Dove, seems quite complimental.

But perhaps Jesus gives Peter the name Barjona as a pun, as the name Jonah bears a striking resemblance to the verb yana (yana), meaning to oppress, vex or do wrong (see our article on the name Jonah). After all, just half a dozen verses after Jesus calls Peter Barjona, He calls him satan (Matthew 16:23).

Barjona may simply mean Son Of Jonah, but perhaps it means Son Of The Dove, and perhaps it means Son Of The Vexer.



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