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Meaning and etymology of the name Beer laha roi

Beer laha roi Beer lahai roi

Beer lahai roi is the name of the well where Hagar met the Angel of YHWH for the first time (Genesis 16:14). The Angel sends her back to Sarai. Later, when she is banned, she meets the Angel at Beersheba (21:14).

The name Beer lahai roi is a composite consisting of four segments:

1) The Hebrew verb baar (ba'ar) declare, make plain, with as derivative baar be'er, meaning well, pit. HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament states that the derivative is uncertain, but the many obvious relations between springs of water and springs of revelation may provide hints of clarity.

2) The Hebrew particle le (le), which denotes direction, position, relation or possession. In this case, the letter denotes relation or even possession: of.

3) The Hebrew adjective hay (hay) meaning living. Sometimes it is used to mean kinsfolk/ family, as in 1 Samuel 18:18

4) The Hebrew verb raa (ra'a 2095) meaning to see, look at, and, much as in English, came to serve meanings such as understand (Aha, I see...). The final word in our name is roi (2095 e, f), which certainly can be the third person of the verb (he sees), but is also identical to the noun that means appearance and even mirror.

Genesis 16:13 explains the name as a result of Hagar crying out, "Even here have I looked after the One seeing me!" The whole compound carries a myriad of meanings: The Declaration That Makes Life Visible; The Explanation That Shows The Image Of Life; The Well Of Life Vision, or Of The Life That Sees; or Sees Me.

NOBS Study Bible Name List, BDB Theological Dictionary & HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament read The Well Of The Living One Who Sees Me.
Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads The Well Of The Life Of Vision.

Other names derived from the verb ra'a are Ezra, Haroeh, Irijah, Mamre, Reaiah, Reuben and perhaps Sisera.



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