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The name Susan in the Bible

The popular name Susan doesn't occur at all in the Bible; but it is a truncated form of the Biblical name Susannah. The name Susannah occurs only once in the Bible, in Luke 8:3, where she is mentioned among the women who minister to Jesus.

Etymology of the name Susan

In the Old Testament the name Susannah (or rather the Hebrew form: Shoshannah) occurs only in an apocryphal chapter that was added to the Book of Daniel (and which is still contained in the Catholic Bible). This chapter, together with two other additions to Daniel, survive only in Greek but it's generally accepted that these stories were written in Hebrew. As such, this name is identical to the word שושנה, (shoshannah), meaning Lily:

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Susan meaning

The Greek name Susan(ah) is a transliteration of the Hebrew word for Lily, and means White or Pure.

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