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Meaning and etymology of the Hebrew names
Daniel and Danel

Daniel Daniel, Danel Danel

There are three or four Daniels mentioned in the Bible. The first is a son of king David who is also known as Chileab (see 1 Chronicles 3:1 and 2 Samuel 3:3). Daniel number two is the famous one who wrote the Book of Daniel and who was among the first exile wave to Babylon.

Daniel number three - possibly named after number two - is mentioned among the second wave of returning Israelites (Ezra 8:2). Daniel number four (a 'great sage,' according to BDB Theological Dictionary) may be the same as Daniel two, except that his name is Danel (Danel; without the yod) in stead of Daniel. Ezekiel mentions him in 28:3.

The name Daniel consists of two parts:

The first part of the name Daniel comes from the Hebrew verb din (din), meaning to judge, contend, plead. The postfixed yod indicates possession: my judging, contending, etc. It should be noted that judging in Biblical days was much more a governmental enterprise than a legal one. Please see the name Dan for a closer look at the Hebrew word dan.

The final part is el (El)the abbreviated form of Elohim, the Hebrew denotation of the genus God. See the name Elohim for meaning and etymology.

The whole name Daniel would mean something like God Is My Judge (NOBS Study Bible Name List & BDB Theological Dictionary) or, more interpretively, God Rules Me.
Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads Judge Of God.

Other names derived of the verb din are Abidan, Dan, Dinah, Jadon, Madon, Medan and Midian.



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