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Meaning and etymology of the name
Ur (of the Chaldeans)

Ur (of the Chaldeans) Ur

The name Ur occurs twice in the Bible. Most famously is Ur, the city in Babel from whence Abraham's family came (Genesis 11:31). Another Ur is the father of Eliphal, one of king David's mighty men (1 Chronicles 11:35).

The name Ur is identical to the common Hebrew verb or ('or) meaning to be or to become light, shine, give light. The Bible uses this verb in all the expectable ways (sunlight, daylight etc) but also often metaphorically. Many Biblical light-metaphors have been incorporated into our modern languages, such as the light of understanding or wisdom. Even a lit-up face comes from the Bible (Job 29:24).

Some derivatives of this verb are: or ('or), meaning light, and or ('ur), meaning flame. ora ('ora) is a feminine form of the word light (as such also used to mean joy) and also the name of a certain herb ('ora as used in 2 Kings 4:39); possibly a very spicy or otherwise inflaming herb, or simply endowed with bright blossoms, etc. The word for luminary, whether lamp or celestial body, is maor (ma'or).

Ur means Flame or Light.

See for the whole name Ur of the Chaldeans our article on the name Chaldeans.

Related names are Jair, Uri, Uriah, Uriel, Urim, and perhaps Aaron, and the Hebrew word for Nile.



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