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The name Uz in the Bible

The name Uz is assigned four times in the Bible:

  • A son of Aram, a son of Shem, a son of Noah (Genesis 10:23).
  • The first-born son of Nahor and Milcah (Genesis 22:21).
  • A descendant of Seir the Horite (36:28), who probably gave his name to...:
  • ...a location in Edom (formerly called Seir), where Job lived (Job 1:1).

Etymology of the name Uz

The name Uz probably arose in a language other than Hebrew (maybe Horite?), but spelled as is, it is identical to the verb עוץ ('us) meaning to counsel, regard:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

Uz meaning

To a Hebrew audience the name Uz would have meant Counsel or Contemplation, an interpretation that is confirmed by Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names, which reads Counsellor.

NOBSE Study Bible Name List takes a different approach and goes possibly through the root עצה ('sh) that yields the noun עצ (es) meaning tree, wood or timber. Hence NOBSE reads Firmness.

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