Gravity and Agape (Love)
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13. Gravity and Agape (Love)

— For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls —

Crazy little thing called gravity

The Household Set's primal principle is that the Household Image is repeated on different scales. But it must be stressed that the Household Image is not the mere appearance of the unit but the entire range of behavioral properties that make it what it is. In other words, not only the general appearance is mimicked on a larger scale, also the fundamental qualities that come with the shape.

Atoms are compounds of quanta but these compounds are so close to the level of quanta that quantum mechanics applies. The Household Set demands that all properties are copied and that thus some kind of mimicked 'quantum mechanics' must also apply to living cells and likewise to the mental realm. Einstein once joked about gravity saying that it couldn't be held responsible for people falling in love. But now it seems that perhaps it can. Or rather, that beneath the three or almost four appearances there is a parental source from which all Households come.

Like the four forces are the four faces of the Grand Unified Force so are matter, life and mind three articulations of something even more fundamental. And being acquainted with the properties of the atom we shouldn't be too surprised to see those properties revisited in the building that is made in their image.

Because where does a phenomenon like love come from? How does the universe bring forth such a thing? Why is it such a universal thing that seems to work for all people, despite culture or position? The answer may be that the principle of self-similarity that spawned life upon matter and mind upon life, also generated the biological and mental equivalents of the four forces.

Sadly, our crude language fails to make a distinction between certain forms of love. But some older languages do. Probably the most famous poem regarding general love - called agape; which covers general appreciation and respect and is not directed at a certain individual (phileo) and is not celebrated in physical arousal (eros) - is a paragraph once entrusted to a small group of Corinthians, almost two millennia ago, and without having to subscribe to any possible religious validity of the text, we may recognize the amazing parallels between the agape described in 1 Corinthians 13 and the universal force we call gravity.

Gravity is a rather mild force on the individual-particle level. But considered on a larger scale, gravity is the force that literally runs and directs the universe. Every particle is subjected to gravity; the universe looks the way it does because of it. Gravity was the first force to break free from the Grand Unified force. As skillfully described by Kip Thorne in his book Black Holes and Time Warps, gravity was the creative force that brought forth the universe as we know it. Gravity is also the only force capable of getting so strong that all other forces fade away (in black holes). Gravity curves space and forms the very realm in which we live. It causes particles, planets, stars, even entire galaxies to seek common centers. And gravitational fields allow objects to believe that they are accelerating, while in fact they are stationary.

Now look at agape. Agape is the mild and general form of love, probably more accurately translated with 'respect' or 'kindness' and should certainly not be mistaken for the passionate feelings people may feel for a lover. Agape is the gentle baseline that carries the symphony; a foundation upon which all purposeful action is undertaken. What gravity is to the universe, agape is for the human mind; the total play of all minds combined, and that which they make. Culture, in one word. That from which all other things flow. Think about it. Culture the way we know it could not exist if we did not absolutely count on other people to behave in some way like ourselves. People obey the same traffic laws. They speak the same language. Count the same currency (the Dollar, the Euro, the Yen; all faces of the same thing).

Agape makes people seek common centers, just like gravity does to the universe. Gravity also allows the universe to keep 'bank accounts of motion.' What is 'motion' in the mental realm? And what is it that moves? A material particle moves relatively to another particle when it absorbs at least one photon of energy. And energy is also the source from which all particles come. The mental equivalent of energy is knowledge in the broadest sense of the word; whatever the mind is acquainted with, no matter how deeply hidden in layers of subconsciousness. Knowledge, or awareness, is also the source - or rather cause - of the mental realm. When two particles exist side by side and only one absorbs a photon, the particles will diverge. When two minds exist 'side by side,' or in some kind of parallel state, and only one absorbs a bit of knowledge, the minds will diverge in their sense of reality. Motion in the mental realm is caused by awareness; 'motion' itself is perhaps the mental activity generally known as contemplation.

Note that when a particle absorbs energy it will not only pick up speed, it will also gain mass since E=mc2. A mind that absorbs knowledge will not only pick up 'speed' but will also gain the mental equivalent of mass. This is quite helpful because it allows us to derivate some kind of 'mental thermodynamics':

GravityThat which causes bio-economyAgape?
(something interplanetary?)
Strong nuclear forceThat which causes DNA to formIntelligence; or that which allows observations to be linked into one reality modelGlobal awareness; that which composes a nucleic consensus
ElectromagnetismThat which allows nutrients to be absorbed and utilized; makes the body alive; allows interactions with othersThat which allows observations to be absorbed and utilized; makes the mind active; allows interactions with others?
(something interplanetary?)
Weak nuclear forceThat which causes genetic decay or mutationsThat which allows self-criticism and the alteration of unstable reality modelsThat which attacks whatever emerges as global nucleus; purges unstable convictions

According to the Household Set, the global nucleus is already around. We should be able to somehow find traces of the existence of a possible global consensus. And we've already established that this consensus, or Truth, should not be an expression or excursion in numbers or any other system of axioms or logic, nor should it be biased towards a specific cultural perspective.

Truth should cover everything and for everyone in an acceptable manner. It should be pleasing and liberating and address everyone's most intimate selves and guide us all towards a splendid union; a new life all together. But there's more. Truth should not describe the universe and all its contents, because that would require some kind of media in which Truth is expressed, which can therefore not be part of it. And Truth can not be displayed by anything that isn't Truth itself. Truth therefore should be some kind of presentation that works like the universe, the universe's principles clearly embedded in the presentation like they are within every atom and all structures formed by them. Truth - by far the most unusual entity in the universe - should be mental since it will serve as core to a mental realm, and it should be connected to a code of some sort, just like the mind of man is connected to the human genome.

The most obvious answer is that the nucleic Truth that will be seated in Household level 4 is Jesus Christ. The 'code' connected to Him, which summarizes Him the very way we are summarized in our genome, is the Bible (or more precise: is reflected by the Bible). We have proof of this. Proof will be submitted in the chapters to come.

Why is this so very important that we would waste tons of bites and your valuable time? The answer is as grim as it is simple. If we can translate the Gospel in the language the world speaks (Math; science) and show the world where we (as a species) will evolve to, and that the 'missing' nucleus isn't missing at all, we will find peace as a species and we won't have to bomb each other's countries anymore. Most of us will find that worth investigating. So let's.

— This concludes our Introduction to Chaos Theory —

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Summary 13: Agape and Gravity.

  • Since the Household Image has to be wholly repeated on the various scales, the natural forces find their self-similar applications as well.
  • The Gospel can be translated into Math, the language which our world speaks.
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