The Four Horses of the Apocalypse

The Green Horse

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16.4 The Green Horseman of Revelation 6

— The Fourth of the Four Horsemen —

The Four Horsemen of Revelation 6 The Weak Nuclear Force

The four horsemen of Revelation 6 appear to be congruent with the four natural forces. The green horseman is highly similar to the Weak Nuclear Force.

The Four Horsemen of Revelation 6

The Horse and the Force
The Four Horsemen of Revelation 6The Green Horseman of Revelation 6
The Four Horsemen of Revelation 6The Weak Nuclear Force
Sequential: Fourth
The green horse shows up fourth.
The weak nuclear force shows up together with Electromagnetism; the third and fourth forces.
The living creature: Vulture
A vulture is a flying, rapacious bird; a vulture rather than an eagle as most translations suggest. Vultures, of course, feed on carcasses such as dead cows. A vulture in flight scouts in search of the dead, weak or woundedThe Four Horsemen of Revelation 6
The bosons of the weak nuclear force prowl the material realm in search of particles or compounds that are unstable and need to be done away with. Radioactivity is one of the key words in regards to this force. The weak nuclear force is the only force that undoes.
The color: Green
Many translations position a grey or pale horse here. But the word is chloros, as in chlorophyll; vegetation green. John saw a green horse. Click here for a text study.
Green is complementary to red. Green is the color of rejuvenation and rebirth (the color of spring). As peculiar as it may seem, ancient Greek literature has been known to deem honey green. The consumption of honey may give a weary worrier new strength.
The Weak Nuclear Force is the digestive force of nature. Since the universe is based on freedom, all kinds of instabilities may freely arise with the best and brightest. And unstable building blocks may cause the entire building to collapse. The weak nuclear force takes dissonants out of commission and from their energy more stable particles are forged. The weak nuclear force is kindred to the Strong Nuclear Force in that both are limited to the atom's nucleus.
Attribute 1: Name
The green horse is the only one with a name: Death
Remember the golden rule of quantum mechanics: If it can happen, it must happen? Here's an application: If you can die, you must die. The good news is that according to Scriptures, those who believe (that is know) Christ, can not die, and this green horseman will surely pass by, just like it passes by on electrons, protons, bound neutrons and e-neutrinos.
Attribute 2: Hades
Hades, or a-idein means something quite disturbing. The particle 'a' means 'not,' while the second part of the word Hades is the infinitive of the verb eido, or to see/know/experience. A suited translation of this horrible word would thus be: Oblivion. The people that exist in Oblivion are the forgotten people; the people that have managed to live their lives in such a way that they have not mattered, and will therefore not be remembered. A complete and utter waste.
In that awful place called Oblivion are most of the particles that were alive immediately after the Beginning. Until the twentieth century there was no evidence whatsoever that hugely powerful particles such as the top-quark or the tau-lepton had ever existed, as they constitute no part of the world we live in. How very, very peculiar therefore is the discovery of the existence of these particles. Humanity has followed Christ into Hades, and the first batch of forgotten creatures has been brought back into mind, as if the gates of Oblivion are opened up for all the world to marvel at what it once devoured.
Attribute 3: Authority
Authority over the fourth of the earth, to kill. Very tough verse. The Greek uses the word epi in combination with the accusative, which may either indicate that this horseman has authority for the duration of the or a fourth, or that his authority stretches from its initiation up to the completion of "the fourth".

The Chaotic Set Theory, which we will address in the pages to come, suggests that creation is entirely organized as a seven-zones matrix. The work of the green horseman is largely conducted in the fourth zone, and does not exceed the fourth zone.
Attribute 4: Sword
The sword is a proximity weapon. Only the red horsemen (Strong Nuclear Force) carries a sword as well.The Four Horsemen of Revelation 6
The weak nuclear force is a local force, only active in the atomic nucleus, just like the Strong Nuclear Force. Note that this sword is not 'great,' as is the sword of the Strong Nuclear Force.
The two nuclear forces are named Strong and Weak for the obvious reason that the Strong Nuclear Force is a lot stronger than the Weak Nuclear Force.
Attribute 5: Famine
As discussed in Chapter 7: As the energy density lessened, larger particles had more trouble to arise and to maintain themselves during the era of quark slaughter.
Attribute 6: Wild beasts of the earth
Wild beasts of the earth. The word used here (theria) predominantly describes the not domesticated animals.
By the way the Greek of this particular line is organized it seems that Death himself wields sword, famine and death, while the wild beasts are allies in stead of instrumental agents of the green reaper.
If the bosons of the weak nuclear force are likened to flying vultures, then perhaps the image of wild beasts answers to the period of violent thermodynamics when particles collided so energetically that they would transform into other particles, some of which were to be unstable and devoured by the weak bosons.

In the next chapter we will have a look at the development of the family of Abraham. We will take along the following images from the horses' paragraph:

  • Bosons, or force particles, are likened to horses.
  • The bow is related to gravity.

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