The Household Set Fourth Level: United Peoples of Planet Earth

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12.4 The Household Set: Fourth Level

— United Peoples of Planet Earth —

Fourth Level: United Peoples of Planet Earth

Even if we suddenly forget or never knew what the Bible has been saying for thousands of years, we may now conclude the following:

If cells are self-similar repercussions of the atom, and minds are repercussions of cells, and if this trend sets through — and why shouldn't it? — we may expect a household image that differs from minds as much as minds differ from one single cell and one cell differs from an atom, but is made up from minds, just like a cell is made from atoms, and minds from cells. In short, we should expect that the total economy of minds of man will seek to settle around some kind of nucleic Attractor that will then govern the dynamics of mankind and cause such harmony that a global 'soul' is possible, even inevitable.

  • Loosely connected smears;
    Galactic Beach Party. Bring a date!
  • Tightly knitted forms; Galactic Senate...
  • ???

And what be that nucleus? It must be something around which we all feel confident to be, voluntarily and wholly. It must be a consensus in which all our differences are contained and even celebrated. Truth, in one (mysterious) word. The Household Set predicts that some day mankind will gather around Truth and be fulfilled, like once atoms reached their final potential and gave rise to life, and life reached its final potential and gave rise to mind. Likewise will man's total mind become a cradle in which a nucleus that already exists, like the atomic nucleus and the cellular DNA, may come to reign.

The prokaryotic phase of this glorious state is easily recognized as it follows the design of the prokaryotic mind: mankind is already gathering around some kind of global awareness even though that lingering nucleus is not yet received, nor are man's minds propelled by the same mental constitution — a mental DNA that is the same for everyone but causes some to become the mental equivalents of transparent eye-cells, some contracting muscle cells, and some electric current carrying nerve cells.

What may it be, this Truth? Hard to say, speaking from a secular perspective. Truth can not be fathomed by those who do not understand it, or to which Truth has not revealed itself. But we know that Truth can not be reached by a logical system. It can not be reached by stacking conclusion upon conclusion. Truth must be the only consensus possible. It must contain the entire stretch of human mentality. It must be able to reign by permission of its subjects, as it can only function when its subjects recognize themselves in it.

Truth, whatever it is, is a majestic thing. And even though we may not exactly know what it is, the Household Set allows us to understand how it will come: just like atomic nuclei came to the electrons and formed hydrogen, and DNA came to prokaryotes and formed eukaryotes. Likewise will mankind gather, ever so slowly, around something that exists already in a form that is compatible with the human condition. Then it will be acknowledged, accepted and embraced to form a new, or rather next or trans-mental life form.