The Meaning of the Four Horses of Revelation 6
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16. The Meaning of the Four Horses of Revelation 6

— The Four Horses of Revelation 6 and the Four Natural Forces —

Four Horses and Four Forces

From the Grand Unified Force to the Four Separate Forces

In Chapter 5 we learned about the four natural forces — which are Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Strong Nuclear Force and the Weak Nuclear Force — and in Chapter 8 we saw how the principle of Self Similarity causes the same general shape or form to occur at different levels of complexity.

In Chapter 15 we argued that bosons — which are the units of force — can be aptly metaphorized as horses or mounted soldiers, and in the Book of Revelation occurs an enigmatic scene in which four horses (or rather horsemen) appear that are curiously but nevertheless rather obviously self-similar to the four natural forces.

The four horses of Revelation 6 show up one at the time. They all have a hue, one or more attributes, an activity and are related to one of four 'living creatures' (listed in Revelation 4:7) that are positioned in close proximity to the throne of God. When we look closely at these four horses, we see a striking resemblance with the four natural forces, up to the order in which they appear. Click on any of the horses for an extensive comparison.

The Lion of the ApocalypseCome!The White Horseman of the ApocalypseBow
Gravity curves space-time. The bow is a long distance weapon and Gravity is a long distance force. Gravity rules the universe and the white horseman wears a crown.
The Calf of the ApocalypseCome!The Red Horseman of the ApocalypseGreat Sword
A great sword for a strong force (and, hence, a small one for the weak force, see below). The sword is a proximity weapon and the Strong Nuclear Force works only within the nucleus.
The Man of the ApocalypseCome!The Black Horseman of the ApocalypseScales
Electromagnetism works with balancing charges. The voice orders three measures of cow-food per one measure of man-food. The nucleus consists of one proton (=three quarks that listen to the Strong Force) per one electron.
The Vulture of the ApocalypseCome!The Green Horseman of the ApocalypseSmall Sword
A small sword for a weak force (compared to the big sword for the Strong Force). The sword is a proximity weapon and the Weak Nuclear Force works only within the nucleus. This horseman trails death. The Weak Force is responsible for all nuclear decay in the universe.

Have a look at each of the horses, starting with:
The White Horse

Or skip the horses and read all about nuclear physics in an ancient document:
The Standard Model in Genesis

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