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Meaning and etymology of the name Irad

Irad Irad

Irad is the son of Enoch, son of Cain (Genesis 4:18).

The meaning of the name Irad is disputed since there is no such word in the Hebrew language. It may be a combination (or rather a contraction) of two words.

Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names derives Irad from two words: ir (ir) meaning city, as a permanent settlement without reference to size or claims. And ud (ud) meaning return, repeat; derivatives: continuance, witness, testimony, bear witness. So doing Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names concludes that Irad means City Of Witness.

NOBS Study Bible Name List thinks differently and goes with an unused root ir ('yr), meaning according to cognates (says BDB Theological Dictionary) to go away, escape through sprightliness. Derivative ir (ayir) means male donkey. (The male donkey was apparently known as a runner-offer.) So doing NOBS Study Bible Name List concludes that Irad means Fugitive, but fails to explain the letter daleth upon which the name ends.

Other words of interest are yarad (yarad), go down, descend, decline. And ir ('ir), excitement.

The name Irad may mean City Of Witness, Fugitive On A Rebound, Declining Escapee, and even Jolly Decline.



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