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The name Jabal in the Bible

There's only one man named Jabal in the Bible. He is a descendant of Cain and one of three sons of Lamech the First (Genesis 4:20). His mother's name is Adah and his brother is Jubal. Their half brother is named Tubal-cain and his sister is named Naamah. Their mother is named Zillah.

Jabal was the "father" of those who live in tents and keep livestock and Jubal was the "father" of all those who play the lyre and pipe. It is highly peculiar that these patriarchies survived the deluge (we submit a possible solution in our article on the Chaotic Set Theory), but perhaps it was through the wives of Noah and his sons. We don't know what family they came from and they might have been music-making and tent-living Cainites...

To Tubal-cain, the forger of all implements of bronze and iron, no patriarchy is ascribed, but forging iron wasn't formally invented until the time of the Philistines, which is also long after the flood.

As final curiosity: the names of all these three men — who form the final generation of Cain before the flood — are derived of the same root-verb יבל (yabal).

Etymology of the name Jabal

The name Jabal comes from the fertile root-verb יבל (yabal), meaning to carry or bring along:

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Jabal meaning

The name Jabal is identical to the noun יבל (yabal), meaning water course or conduit. For a meaning of the name Jabal, Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names proposes Leading or Flowing. NOBSE Study Bible Name List has the rather inaccurate Moving.

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