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The name Jedidiah in the Bible

The name Jedidiah is mentioned only once in the Bible, and that is curious because it is the name which the prophet Nathan gave to Solomon (2 Samuel 12:25).

Solomon's father, king David, had stolen Uriah's wife Bathsheba, got her pregnant, and subsequently had Uriah killed. The male child that Bathsheba bore died after seven days, as foretold by Nathan. The next child of David and Bathsheba was named Solomon.

Etymology of the name Jedidiah

The name Jedidiah is a combination of two elements:

The second element of the name Jedidiah is יה, which is the commonly accepted abbreviated form of יהוה, which is YHWH, the Name of the Lord.

The first element of the name Jedidiah comes from the verb ידד (yadad), meaning to love:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

Since the Hebrew word for hand is יד (yad), the name Jedidiah resembles a meaning of Hand (in) Hand (with) The Lord. The author of Deuteronomy makes a playful reference both to the name Jedidiah and the similarity between the verb to love and hand-hand (or else, Nathan seems to refer to Deuteronomy). In Deuteronomy 33:12 Jacob blesses his youngest son Benjamin with the words, "May the beloved of YHWH dwell in security by Him who shields him all day; he dwells between His shoulders."

Jedidiah meaning

For the meaning of the name Jedidiah, NOBSE Study Bible Name List reads Beloved Of Yahweh. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads Beloved Of The Lord.

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