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Meaning and etymology of the name Solomon (Sholomoh)

Solomon (Sholomoh) Solomon (Sholomoh)

The name Solomon is the Greek/Latin version of the original name Sholomoh.
Solomon is the second son of David with Bathsheba (their first son died after seven days - 2 Samuel 12). David already had at least six sons and a daughter when Solomon was born, and Bathsheba bore David another three sons besides Solomon. Then there were nine sons of other wives and an untold number of sons with various concubines.

The name Solomon comes from the root shalem (shalem) meaning to be complete, sound. Derivative shalom (shalom) means peace.
The word Solomon (shilluma) is identical to our name Sholomoh, and is used in Pslm 91:8 in the meaning of reward or recompense (of the wicked). This illustrates the perhaps anti-intuitive notion that a bad result of something that was bad to begin with, is still very good (or rather: just).

Although Psalm 91 is anonymous and tradition demands that Solomon is the great peace-king, his name may have stemmed from David's deep remorse and grief over losing Solomon's older sibling. When Solomon is born, the prophet Nathan receives word from the Lord that this child is loved by God. Hence he names him Jedidiah (2 Samuel 12:25), although this name is (sadly) never again used.

The name Solomon means Recompense, or Fair Penalty.

Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names steers clear from the hints of Psalm 91 and views the name Solomon as an intensitive from the word shalom (shalom) meaning peace. Thus Jones reads Peaceable. NOBS Study Bible Name List simply reads Peace.

A name that is related to Solomon is Absalom, the name of David's son number three and older half-brother of Solomon (2 Samuel 3:3). Even the name of the city from which David ruled was derived from this root: Jerusalem, but peace continued to shun the house of David.

Other names that derive from the root shalem are: Abishalom, Meshullam, Meshillemoth, Meshelemiah, Meshullemeth, Salem, Salome, Shallum, Shallun, Shalman, Shalmaneser, Shelemiah, Shelomi, Shelomith, Shelomoth, Shelumiel, Shillem, Shillemites, Shulammite.



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