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The name Parat in the Bible

Parat is the fourth of four rivers in Eden (the others being Pishon, Gihon, and Haddakel — Genesis 2:10-14). Even though most translations mention this river by its modern and New Testament name Euphrates (meaning Good Parat), the Old Testament consistently reads Parat.

Etymology of the name Parat

The letters ת (taw) and ה (he) sometimes alternate, especially in cases of older names. These tend to be spelled with the letter taw while the word it came from evolved from being spelled with a taw to being spelled with a he. And so scholars think that the name Parat most likely comes from the verb פרה (para), bear fruit, be fruitful:

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Parat meaning

The name Parat means Fruitful. Neither NOBSE Study Bible Name List nor Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names treats Parat, but for Euphrates (=eu-parat; the good parat), NOBSE reads That Which Makes Fruitful, and Jones reads Fruitfulness.

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