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Meaning and etymology of the name Adonikam

Adonikam Adonikam

There's only one man named Adonikam in the Bible, although he plays no role in it. His family is reported among the first wave to returned from exile by both Ezra, who counts 666 members (2:13) and Nehemiah, who counts 667 members (7:18). Ezra reports a secondary surge of Adonikamites returning with the second wave, and counts 63 males, among whom Eliphet, Jeuel and Shemaiah (8:13).

The name Adonikam consists of two elements:

1) The first part is the word adonai, which means my lord, or lord of. Please see the name Adonai for details and for more names derived of this word.

Adonikam meaning

As shown in Mark 5:41, this verb also exists in Aramaic. Jesus uses it when He raises Jairus' daughter from the dead by saying, "talitha kum".

Adonikam meaning

For a meaning of the name Adonikam, BDB Theological Dictionary and NOBS Study Bible Name List both read My Lord Has Risen. Alfred Jones (Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names) goes with the derivation qim (qim), meaning adversary, and reads rather oddly Lord Of Enemies.

Other names derived of the verb qum are Ahikam, Azrikam, Eliakim, Jakim, Jehoiakim, Jekameam, Jekamiah, Joiakim, Jokim, Jokmeam, Kamon, Kemuel and Koa, and perhaps Achim.



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