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Aloth meaning


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🔼The name Aloth in the Bible

It's by no means certain that Aloth is a Biblical name, but it might be. And then again, it might not.

The conundrum starts with a town named בעלות (Bealoth), which is mentioned in Joshua 15:23 as one of the southernmost villages of the territory of Judah. The same town may be mentioned again in 1 Kings 4:16, where a man named Baana, a son of Hushai and a deputy of king Solomon, is reported to be stationed in Asher and Bealoth. However, the letter ב, with which our name starts, may be regarded as the particle that means in, and 1 Kings 4:16 may very well read "in Asher and in Aloth".

We honestly don't know which option to choose, and some translations of 1 Kings 4:16 read "in Asher and in Aloth" (Darby, KJV, NIV, Young) while others read "in Asher and Bealoth" (NAS, ASV, JSP1917).

🔼Etymology of the name Aloth

The name Aloth is an unmistakably plural form of a feminine noun עלה:

🔼Aloth meaning

The name Aloth means Offerings or Ascends