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Meaning and etymology of the Hebrew name Elyon

Elyon Elyon

Elyon is one of the Names or Titles of God in the Bible, and the first not-Creator Name. Sometimes it occurs by itself (Numbers 24:16) but often together with El. The name El Elyon occurs initially in Genesis 14:18, during the Melchizedek scene. The name Elyon is also often teamed up with the Tetragrammaton YHWH, for instance in Psalm 47:2 and 97:9, or with the appelation Elohim, for instance in Psalm 57:2 and 78:56.

The name Elyon comes from the Hebrew verb ala ('ala), meaning to go up, climb, ascend. The adjective Elyon (elyon g, h) is identical to our name and means high (1624g) and highest (1624h). It's quite a common adjective in the Bible, and applied to humans (Deuteronomy 26:19), to the Messiah (Psalm 89:27), and even to towns (Joshua 16:5), pools (Isaiah 7:3), and to floors of a building (Ezra 41:7)

Some other derivatives are: ala ('aleh), meaning leaf, leafage; ala ('ola), meaning whole burnt offering; ala ('ola), meaning ascent, stairway; illi ('illi), upper; moal (mo'al), meaning lifting; maaleh (ma'aleh), ascent; maaleh (ma'alah), what comes up, i.e. thoughts (Ezekiel 11:5; perhaps suggesting that Ezekiel was already thinking about a lower and higher mind, two and a half millenia before Freud); maaleh (ma'alah), step, stair.

Also note the similarity with teala (te'ala), conduit, water course; and teala (te'ala), healing.
Finally, the word al ('al), above, is a very common word, used in senses such as "on the face of...," meaning on, in front of, over, above, at, etc.

The name Elyon means Highest or Most High.



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