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The name Elyon in the Bible

Elyon is one of the Names or Titles of God in the Bible, and the first not-Creator Name. Sometimes it occurs by itself (Numbers 24:16) but often together with El. The name El Elyon occurs initially in Genesis 14:18, during the Melchizedek scene. The name Elyon is also often teamed up with the Tetragrammaton YHWH, for instance in Psalm 47:2 and 97:9, or with the appellation Elohim, for instance in Psalm 57:2 and 78:56.

Etymology of the name Elyon

The name Elyon comes from the Hebrew verb עלה ('ala), meaning to go up:

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Elyon meaning

The name Elyon is identical to the adjective עליון used as a noun. It means Highest or Most High.

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