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Meaning and etymology of the name Ishi

Ishi Ishi & Ishi

The names Ishi and Ishi are two completely different Hebrews names that both, purely by accident, translate to Ishi in English.

Ishi Ishi (Hosea 2:16)

In Hosea 2:16 and v17 the word Ishi is usually interpreted as a symbolic name (as are Baali, and Ammi and Ruhamah of v1), but it is identical to the phrase 'my husband' (literally 'my man') as used in Genesis 29:32 (and on), 2 Samuel 14:5 and 2 Kings 4:1. The word ysh ('ish) is one of a few words for man. This specific one denotes a male human (or divine; Exodus 15:3) individual, usually in some kind of function or office.

Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names doesn't treat this name but NOBS Study Bible Name List reads My Husband. BDB Theological Dictionary also doesn't treat this Ishi, but notes that the name Jesse (Jesse) is spelled Ishi (Ishi) in 1 Chronicles 2:13.

For other names that are formed from various words for man, see Adam.

Ishi Ishi (1 Chronicles 2:31)

This version of the name Ishi occurs four times in the Bible, twice in Judah (1 Chronicles 2:31 and 1 Chronicles 4:20), once in Simeon as the father of the men who destroyed the Amalekites (1 Chronicles 4:42) and one in Manasseh (1 Chronicles 5:24).

The name Ishi comes from the same stock as Joshua, Hosea, Elisha and Isaiah, namely verb yasha (yasha), meaning to be saved or delivered. Two masculine derivations yasha (yesha) and yeshua (yeshua) both mean salvation. Derivation shoa (shoa) indicates a 'free man,' meaning an independent person.

This version of the name Ishi means Salvation according to Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names. NOBS Study Bible Name List reads NOBS Study Bible Name List reads Salutary, but since that word means more than only bringing or aiding salvation, a more proper rendering would be Salvific. Other names derived from the verb yasha are Abishua, Bathshua, Hoshaiah, Jeshaiah, Jeshua, Jesus, Mesha and Shoa / Shua(h). And also related is the word Hosanna.



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