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Meaning and etymology of the name Shuah

Shuah Shuah - Shuah - Shuah - Shuah, Shoa Shuah

There are four different Hebrew names that transliterated into English form the name Shuah, or variations thereof depending on the translation. The name Shoa (or variations thereof) is spelled the same as one of the Shuah's but pronounced slightly different.
The first Shuah (Shuah; pronounced shuach) is a son of Abraham with Keturah (Genesis 25:2). A feminine variation of this name occurs in 1 Chronicles 4:11: Shuah (pronounced shuachah), which is assigned to a (female?) descendant of Judah.
A completely different name occurs in Genesis 38:2,12: Shuah (pronounced shua'), where it is the name of the father of a wife of Judah (perhaps also known as Bathshua - Genesis 38:12). A variant of this name occurs in 1 Chronicles 7:32, Shuah (pronounced shua'a), where it is assigned to a daughter of Heber, a granddaughter of Asher, son of Jacob.
The name Shoa (Shuah) occurs in Ezekiel 23:23, where it is the name of a Chaldean tribe.

Shuah I

The names Shuah and Shuah come from the verb Shuah (shuah), meaning be bowed down, humble (according to HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament ) and sink down (according to BDB Theological Dictionary). Derivations shuha and shahat mean pit. The latter is also used in the sense of destruction and grave.

The name of this son of Abraham (Genesis 25:2) and the name of this perhaps female descendant of Judah (1 Chronicles 4:11) mean Brought Low or Put In A Pit. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads Prostration.

Related names are Jeshohaiah, Shuhah, Shuhite and Shuham.

Shuah II

The name Shuah looks exactly like the verb Shuah (shawa), cry out (for help). Derivatives are Shuah (shua'), a cry (for help); Shuah (shoa'), a cry (for help); shawa (shaw'a), a cry (for help);
BDB Theological Dictionary lists the Shoa as mentioned in Ezekiel 23:23 under this root. This name means A Cry.

BDB Theological Dictionary refers the names Shuah (Genesis 38:2) and Shuah (1 Chronicles 7:32) to the verb yasha (yasha), be saved (the same verb that gives rise to name such as Joshua, Hosea and Isaiah). Among the derivatives of this verb we find the adjective shoa (shoa'), independent or noble. The names of the father of Judah's wife (Genesis 38:2) and the Asherite woman (1 Chronicles 7:32) may therefore mean Noble.

However, there is a peculiar noun that is used in Job 30:24 and 36:19, that is spelled Shuah. Some translations take this word to mean 'riches' (NAS, KJV), although BDB Theological Dictionary says that a derivation from Shuah (shawa), to cry, is preferred, and HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament doesn't even list the alternative of riches. Still, NOBS Study Bible Name List reads Rich for Shoa and Prosperity for all variations of Shuah. Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads Wealth for Shua.

Other related names are Abishua, Bathshua, Elisha, Hoshaiah, Ishi, Jeshaiah, Jeshuah, Jesus, Mesha. And also related is the word Hosanna.



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