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Meaning and etymology of the name Jeshua

Jeshua Jeshua

The name Jeshua is a shortened form of the name Joshua (Joshua) and this shortened form Jeshua occurs in the later Scriptures (see Nehemiah 8:17 for a Jeshua the son of Nun, who is doubtlessly Joshua the successor of Moses - Numbers 13:16).

Other men named Jeshua are (and the following probably overlap a bit): a Levite who dealt with voluntary offerings (2 Chronicles 31:15); A leader among the returnees under Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:6); A leader of a priestly clan (Ezra 2:36); The father of one of the wall's repairers (Nehemiah 3:19); One of the first rabbi's installed by Ezra (Nehemiah 8:7).

Then there is a high priest named Jeshua who is mentioned by Ezra (2:2) and Zechariah (3:1) and Haggai who names him Joshua (1:1). Nehemiah mentions this Jeshua among the kohamim who return with Zerubbabel (Nehemiah 12:1). This Jeshua is a bit mysterious because although he's fit to travel, he is father of Joiakim, grandfather of Eliashib, great-grandfather of Joiada, great-great-grandfather of Jonathan, and great-great-great-grandfather of Jaddua (12:10-11). But it seems likely that this Jeshua was still alive because only Jeshua (son of Azaniah) is mentioned among the signers of the sealed document, and one would certainly expect a high priest on that list.

And finally, there is also a town in Judah named Jeshua, which is mentioned in Nehemiah 11:26.

Jeshua meaning

The name Jeshua means Yah Is Salvation.

Related names are Abishua, Bathshua, Elisha, Hosea, Hoshaiah, Isaiah, Ishi, Jeshaiah, Jesus, Mesha and Shoa / Shua(h). And also related is the word Hosanna.



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