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The name Jethro in the Bible

Jethro is the father of Zipporah, the first wife of Moses. Jethro is also known by the very similar name Jether (Exodus 4:18) and the completely different name Reuel (Exodus 2:18), although Reuel is probably the name of Jethro's tribe or patriarch (see Numbers 10:29).

Jethro is a priest in Midian, but his allegiance to the God of Israel becomes evident only after the obvious success of the latter (Exodus 18:11). In this sense Jethro is very different from the other famous, non-Abrahamic priest Melchizedek.

Etymology of the name Jethro

The name Jethro comes from the Hebrew root יתר (yatar) meaning to remain over, or be a rest:

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Jethro meaning

For a meaning of the name Jethro, NOBSE Study Bible Name List reads Excellent; Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads His Excellence.

Here at Abarim we propose Remnant, followed by a long silence...

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