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The name Sarah in the Bible

Sarah (formerly known as Sarai) is the half-sister of Abraham, Nahor and Haran (same father; Genesis 20:12), who becomes Abraham's wife. Note that the later Levitical code prohibits marriage between siblings (Leviticus 18:9). At the age of ninety, Sarah becomes the mother of Isaac, who became the father of Jacob, who became Israel.

Sarah is the fourth woman mentioned by name in the Bible, and the first in the line of Seth. Her name appears four times in the Greek New Testament (spelled Σαρρα, Sarra; Romans 4:19, 9:9, Hebrews 11:11 and 1 Peter 3:6).

Etymology of the name Sarah

The name Sarah is identical to the Hebrew noun שׂרה (sara), meaning princess or noble lady:

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Sarah meaning

For a meaning of the name Sarah, both NOBSE Study Bible Name List and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names read Princess.

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