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The name Haran in the Bible

The name Haran is assigned four times in the Bible:

  • A son of Terah and brother of Abraham and Nahor (and the half-brother of Sarah — Genesis 11:26). This Haran is the father of Lot.
  • The city where Abram's family settled (Genesis 11:31). Stephen refers to this Haran (Χαρραν; Charran) in his sermon to the High Council in Jerusalem (Acts 7:2).
  • A son of Caleb and Ephah (1 Chronicles 2:46).
  • A Levite of the family of Gershon (1 Chronicles 23:9).

Etymology of the name Haran

The name Haran is probably derived of the word הר (har) meaning hill or mountain:

Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary

The name Haran's post-fixed nun may serve as a personification (Hill Guy).

Haran meaning

For a meaning of the name Haran, both BDB Theological Dictionary and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names propose Mountaineer. NOBSE Study Bible Name List has Mountainous.

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